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Injuries at birth can occur for many reasons, not of all which have to do with medical malpractice. When someone else’s malpractice, negligence, recklessness or failure to adhere to the standards of care causes a birth injury, however, the infant’s family may have grounds for a lawsuit in Oregon. Please contact the Salem birth injury lawyers at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC for a free consultation if a doctor recently diagnosed your child with a birth injury. We may be able to help your family file a claim to damages in Marion County.

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Should You Retain a Salem Birth Injury Lawyer?

Salem birth injury claims involve complicated medical malpractice statutes. Medical malpractice claims are often lengthy and difficult to win for plaintiffs. States intentionally make claims hard to win to safeguard their medical centers from bankruptcy. If you have a medical malpractice or birth injury claim, therefore, you could benefit from hiring a lawyer with experience handling these cases. Your lawyer can take the steps necessary to maximize your odds of success while you spend time with your family.

Examples of Birth Injuries in Oregon

An infant could sustain many different birth injuries while in utero, in the birth canal or shortly after birth. Not all of these injuries have connections to medical malpractice. Some are unavoidable even with proper medical care. Others, however, trace back to negligence or wrongdoing on the medical practitioner’s part. If your infant has a serious injury from a problem that occurred before, during or directly after birth, contact our lawyers about a potential medical malpractice suit.

A doctor, surgeon or birthing center could make many mistakes that cause preventable birth injuries to infants. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we investigate potential birth injury claims for signs of medical malpractice. We understand the standards of care during birthing procedures, as well as how to recognize common signs of breaches of duty. If someone breached a duty and caused your child’s birth injury, that person or entity may owe your family compensation.

Birth Injury Compensation in Oregon

Recovering compensation for your child’s birth injury will not reverse what happened to your child. It could, however, give your family the money it needs to pay for medical care, therapies, surgeries, special education, medical devices and other high-quality care that could change your child’s life for the better. It could also result in compensation for noneconomic damages, such as your child’s pain and suffering or lost quality of life due to a serious injury. Find out what your birth injury claim might be worth during a free consultation in Salem today.

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Although we never promise results, we can guarantee our birth injury lawyers in Salem will do everything in their power to obtain fair compensation on your family’s behalf. One or more parties may owe your family for causing your child’s serious or life-changing injuries. Contact us today to learn more about your birth injury case. Use our online form or call (503) 226-6361 for a free consultation near you.