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Millions of breast biopsies are performed each year across this country to determine whether or not a person has breast cancer. Biopsies are considered the most accurate way to get a definitive breast cancer diagnosis. However, in the event a pathology lab or other medical professional mistakenly determines that there is cancer when there really is not or fails to diagnose cancer that is present, a patient can be subjected to serious unnecessary medical treatments or a dangerous delay in needed care.

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What is HER2+ Breast Cancer?
Symptoms of HER2+ Breast Cancer
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Why Choose Our Salem HER2+ Misdiagnosis Attorney?

Salem HER2+ Misdiagnosis Attorney

What is HER-Positive (HER2+) Breast Cancer?

HER-Positive or HER2+ is a specific type of breast cancer. This is a breast cancer that tests positive for a protein named “human epidural growth factor receptor 2.” This protein, unfortunately, promotes the growth of cancer cells.

According to information available from the Mayo Clinic, cancer cells have extra copies of the gene that makes the HER2 protein in approximately one out of every five breast cancer diagnoses. HER2+ breast cancer diagnosis tends to be more aggressive than other types of breast cancer.

Because of the aggressiveness of this type of breast cancer, it is imperative for people who are actually diagnosed to receive prompt and adequate medical treatment. There are specific treatments available to target the HER2 protein that are effective, and the prognosis for individuals diagnosed with this type of breast cancer is usually good.

Symptoms of HER2+ Breast Cancer

The symptoms of HER2+ breast cancer manifest similarly to other types of breast cancer. Generally, the most common sign that a person may have breast cancer involves feeling a lump in the breast that feels different from other areas around it. Other common symptoms of HER2+ include the following:

Individuals who begin to experience any of these symptoms should seek prompt medical treatment from their primary care physician, who will likely refer them to a cancer specialist. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the more effective any potential treatments will likely be.

How is HER2+ Breast Cancer Diagnosed?

If individuals receive a breast cancer diagnosis, doctors generally take the steps to figure out if the breast cancer is HER2+. Above, we mentioned that the HER2 protein is present in approximately 20% of all breast cancers that get diagnosed, and determining whether or not these specific proteins are present involves one or more of the following tests:

If the test results from a single test are not clear, the doctor may order one of the other tests available.

Consequences of a HER2+ Misdiagnosis in Salem

A misdiagnosis of any type of medical condition can lead to significant harm, but this is particularly true for cancers if it means an individual will undergo treatment that they do not necessarily need. With a missed diagnosis of HER2+, patience could undergo the following negative consequences:

Any individual who has received a breast cancer misdiagnosis can experience significant emotional and financial hardships, and they deserve compensation if the misdiagnosis was caused by the negligent actions of a medical provider.

Who Can be Liable for a HER2+ Misdiagnosis in Salem?

When an individual receives a misdiagnosis that leads to unnecessary treatment or an unacceptable delay in care, there may be various parties that can be held responsible. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

If you have any questions about who could be held responsible for your particular HER2+ breast cancer misdiagnosis, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney so they can conduct an investigation into all possible liable parties.

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