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Caput succedaneum is a condition that results in the swelling of a newborn’s scalp, and this will typically be evident right when the child is born. Caput succedaneum by itself is not something that usually leads to long-term harm, but this type of injury can lead to other complications. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we are here to help when you need a Portland caput succedaneum injury lawyer. Our team has the resources necessary to investigate the incident, handle the medical negligence claim, and help you recover compensation for your losses.

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Why Choose Our Caput Succedaneum Injury Lawyer?
What is Caput Succedaneum?
What Causes Caput Succedaneum?
Did Your Child’s Birth Injury Occur Due to Negligence?
How Our Portland Caput Succedaneum Lawyer Can Help
Potential Damages in This Type of Birth Injury Case
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Portland Caput Succedaneum Injury Attorney

Why Choose Our Portland Caput Succedaneum Injury Lawyer?

What is Caput Succedaneum?

Caput succedaneum refers to a condition where there is edema, or swelling, of a newborn’s scalp. This will typically appear as a bump or lump on the head right after the delivery occurs.

This type of injury does not mean that the bones in the skull or the child’s brain have sustained any type of damage. However, prolonged caput succedaneum can lead to other types of harm, including jaundice.

What Causes Caput Succedaneum? 

The most common cause of caput succedaneum in newborns is prolonged pressure during the delivery process caused by the vaginal walls or a dilated cervix on the child’s head. This will lead to excess swelling, bruising, or puffiness. Additionally, the use of forceps or vacuum suction devices can increase the risk of caput succedaneum occurring.

There are some situations where the amniotic sac membranes rupture too early, which means the mother’s pelvis will place extra pressure on the child’s head. This could lead to caput succedaneum swelling occurring before labor, and this can be seen on an ultrasound.

The main symptom of caput succedaneum is puffiness or swelling of the scalp, basically a swollen look. Pressing on this area could lead to a dimple in the flesh. After the swelling subsides, it may be possible that the baby’s head seems slightly pointed due to the pressure on the bones, and this is referred to as molding. Symptoms of caput succedaneum typically go away over a few days or a few weeks.

One of the main risks of caput succedaneum is infant jaundice. Jaundice is the yellowing of the child’s skin as a result of excess bilirubin in the blood. This should also clear up within two to three weeks after birth. However, jaundice that goes untreated by healthcare professionals could lead to serious long-term health complications.

Any infant born with caput succedaneum is automatically at an increased risk for jaundice. Healthcare professionals should know this, notify the parents, and develop a treatment plan and regular checkups. Blood tests may also be necessary to determine any underlying causes of jaundice, as caput succedaneum may not be the only cause.

Did Your Child’s Birth Injury Occur Due to Negligence?

Caput succedaneum can occur naturally, or it could occur as a result of the excessive force used during delivery. The real danger comes from doctors or other health care professionals failing to treat jaundice after a caput succedaneum diagnosis or not investigating other possible causes of jaundice because the baby has caput succedaneum.

There likely will be no way for parents to know whether or not their child’s birth injury occurred due to medical negligence without speaking to a trusted attorney. A Portland birth injury lawyer can investigate the case and ensure the child and their medical records are evaluated by other healthcare professionals.

How Our Portland Caput Succedaneum Lawyer Can Help

Anytime a birth injury is suspected, it is crucial to reach out to an attorney. A Portland caput succedaneum attorney can get involved early in the process and help parents navigate complex legal issues. 

The role of an attorney for a caput succedaneum claim will be multifaceted. A lawyer will ensure the child is evaluated by trusted medical professionals, fully investigate medical records and the actions medical professionals took after caput succedaneum was diagnosed, and help adequately calculate total expected losses.

Medical malpractice claims in Oregon are notoriously difficult, and trying to tackle these issues without legal assistance is not advised. You need a lawyer who can handle every aspect of the case so you can focus on the well-being of your child and your family. 

Potential Damages in This Type of Birth Injury Case

At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, our goal is to help ensure that families recover complete compensation for their losses. If a child has been harmed due to caput succedaneum, our goal is to recover economic and noneconomic compensation on their behalf. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

There is no set amount of compensation paid for these claims. Rather, our lawyers will work with trusted medical and economic experts to help adequately calculate how much compensation you should receive for the birth injury.

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If your child was born with caput succedaneum and subsequently suffered harm due to jaundice or some other type of birth injury, reach out to the team at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC for assistance immediately. Our team has extensive experience handling complex birth injury claims, and we want to help ensure that families will cover the compensation they need. When you need a Portland caput succedaneum injury lawyer, contact us for a free consultation of your claim by filling out our contact form or calling (503) 226-6361.