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Paulson Coletti is passionate about representing the rights of those who have been wronged. These individuals have a story that deserves to be heard and we have three passionate advocates on our team that are here to make that happen. We are consistently rated among the Best Law Firms by US News and our attorneys have been awarded “Best Lawyers in America” and “Lawyer of the Year” on multiple occasions. If you were wrongfully injured, our landlord liability attorney in Portland has the tenacity and experience you need to secure an optimal outcome.

In one of our more notable premises cases, we were able to recover $1.26 million for a family injured in an apartment fire caused by faulty wiring.

Chapter 90 of the Oregon Revised Statutes deals with residential landlords and tenants. Specifically, 90.320 deals with the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the premises. There are other provisions for repairs, installations, and other things that concern the tenant’s safety, such as the requirement of a carbon monoxide alarm (90.316 ORS). If you or someone you love was injured because of a dangerous condition at an apartment or other rented property, we encourage you to contact a Portland premises liability attorney at Paulson Coletti.

ORS 90.320 – Landlord Responsibility

“A landlord shall at all times during the tenancy maintain the dwelling unit in a habitable condition.”

The statutes go on to list various things that could make a dwelling uninhabitable, including:

If the tenant is responsible for any repairs or maintenance during the course of their lease, the landlord must specify that in writing and that must be signed by the tenant.

Contacting Our Portland Premises Liability Attorneys

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