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In the state of Oregon, employees should be aware of legal options. Under Oregon law, employers are required to provide safe working conditions for their employees. If this obligation is not met, workers may have the right to take legal action beyond workers’ compensation. This is referred to as the Employer Liability Law in Oregon. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, our Portland Employer Liability Law attorneys are well informed when it comes to these cases and we know what must be done to help you move forward.

Claims filed under the Employer Liability Law are made as an alternative to workers’ compensation such as in situations when the injured worker works for a non-complying employer or when the accident is caused by an employee of another employer.

A claim under the Employer Liability Law must show that:

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What Are My Options as an Injured Worker in Oregon?

When injured by a General Contractor, Sub Contractor or other person who is not your direct employer, Oregon’s Employer Liability Law and Safe Employment Act give you, as an injured worker, rights beyond just workers’ compensation.

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