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Accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks are not uncommon. Unfortunately, those who sustain injuries or property damage as a result of these incidents often struggle to recover the compensation they are entitled to. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, our team is here to help if you need a Portland Amazon delivery accident lawyer by your side. Our team has extensive experience handling complex truck accident claims throughout this state, and we have the resources necessary to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers and well-funded companies.

Portland Amazon Delivery Accident Lawyer

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Common Reasons that Amazon Delivery Accidents Occur
Accidents Caused By Vehicle Malfunctions
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Improperly Loaded Vehicles Can Cause Crashes
Dangerous Roads Contribute to Crashes
Other Drivers May Be Responsible for Collisions
Amazon’s Protocols Should Be Applied
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Common Reasons that Amazon Delivery Accidents Occur

Amazon delivery drivers are often working against time to fulfill next-day delivery expectations. This can put extra pressure on drivers working under limited time constraints, often driving in congested or unfamiliar areas. Driver error causes a great portion of Amazon delivery truck accidents for the reasons listed below: 

Accidents Caused By Vehicle Malfunctions

Aside from driver error, other causes of accidents commonly happen. Sometimes they are caused by vehicle malfunctions. The following issues are commonly the reason these accidents occur:

Poor Weather Conditions Can Also Contribute to Unsafe Amazon Deliveries

Rain, snow, and fog can make driving more difficult. Drivers are on tight schedules despite the weather conditions. Still faced with a deadline and driver distractions, especially during the holiday season, fatigue and the addition of poor weather conditions can lead to tragic results.

The opportunities for accidents increase when the weather is uncooperative. Visibility becomes more of an issue, which is impacted by driving around unfamiliar areas. Sometimes, roads are icy or slick, causing more challenges when attempting to stop, slow down, or simply steer.

Improperly Loaded Vehicles Can Contribute to Amazon Delivery Accidents

Drivers are carrying vehicles fully loaded with packages to be delivered. It is essential that the cargo loaded into the vehicles is properly distributed for balance and also secured. If these steps are done improperly, the cargo may shift, and falling objects can lead to accidents. 

Poor Road Conditions Are A Factor in Amazon Delivery Issues

Aside from the risks associated with poor weather, sometimes the actual roadways are the problem. Traveling along problematic roads on a deadline, often during busy times of the day, can be detrimental. The following are some of the road problems that impact the number of accidents that Amazon drivers experience:

Other Drivers Can Be Partially to Blame in Amazon Delivery Accidents

Sometimes, other drivers on the road will share the blame for Amazon delivery accidents. Suppose you have been injured in a car accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle, and another automobile shares the fault of the accident. In that case, your Amazon delivery accident attorney can aid you in determining who is liable for your damages. 

Sometimes, drivers make dangerous lane changes, fail to signal or engage in other risky behaviors. Because of the vehicles’ size and the uneven cargo load risk, it can be challenging for delivery truck drivers to avoid accidents.

Amazon’s Protocols Should Be Applied

Ultimately, Amazon has protocols in place to keep accidents to a minimum. Proper driver training is essential. Not only to get packages delivered on time, but so that the drivers and those around them remain safe when sharing the road. Ultimately, Amazon has protocols in place to keep accidents to a minimum. 

Vehicle inspections must occur regularly because a vehicle’s condition can degrade without much notice. Drivers and the company are responsible for ensuring they put safe vehicles on the road. 

Following traffic laws, even when deadlines are in place, can keep drivers and the rest of us safe. Fatigued drivers should take multiple breaks and only be allowed to drive for a limited number of hours. 

The onus is on the company and its drivers to take measures to identify possible causes of accidents and prevent them before they end poorly. 

Damages Caused by Driver Errors

Below are some damages that can occur when a driver error causes an accident. They can be minor to catastrophic, depending on the conditions.

This is far from an exhaustive list. Your Portland Amazon delivery accident attorney can illuminate any other damages you may be eligible to request after reviewing your case. 

How Will an Attorney Help a Portland Amazon Delivery Accident Case?

Amazon delivery truck accident claims are often challenging because it can be difficult to pinpoint liability on a single party. In addition to the complex nature of vehicle accidents to begin with, a delivery truck accident claim may have multiple liable parties, which means multiple insurance carriers and legal teams. 

An Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon can fully investigate the incident to gather the evidence needed to prove liability. They will also work diligently to uncover all liable parties and engage in negotiations to recover compensation on behalf of their client.

Who is Responsible for Paying Compensation for These Claims?

Amazon has been spending billions of dollars on developing an extensive delivery network across the United States. Right now, Amazon is the fourth largest shipping service in this country, behind only the USPS, FedEx, and UPS. With Amazon’s introduction of Prime Delivery, this often means there is a next-day delivery expectation. This has increased the pressure on Amazon delivery drivers.

What most people do not realize is that Amazon has two systems when it comes to making sure that packages get to their destinations. Yes, some Amazon delivery drivers work directly for the company, but there are also independent contractors through Amazon’s FLEX program.

Recovering compensation after an Amazon delivery accident will revolve around determining liability. Amazon is more likely to be held directly liable if one of its actual employees caused an accident. However, if an independent contractor caused a crash, recovering compensation from Amazon will be more challenging. A New York Times report recently found that Amazon is usually able to avoid paying legal and medical bills for crashes that result in serious injuries.

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