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When you send your child off to college, it is only natural to have concerns about college safety. Colleges throughout Oregon have systems in place to keep the campus safer for students. Unfortunately, these colleges may fall short on providing adequate safety measures. When that happens, students can be seriously injured. Our Portland college campus injury attorney is prepared to take on your case. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Why Choose Our Portland College Campus Injury Attorney?
Common Types of College Campus Injuries
College Campus Injury Statistics
Liability in a Portland College Campus Injury Case
Why Hire a Portland College Campus Injury Lawyer?
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Portland College Campus Injury Attorney

Why Choose Our Campus Injury Lawyer in Portland?

If your child has been assaulted or suffered an injury while on campus, it is imperative that you retain a trial lawyer to help you secure justice. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we are serious about holding colleges accountable in cases of assault or serious injury. Our background and experience have proven to be of great benefit in campus injury cases.

What Are Common Types of College Campus Injuries?

A student may be seriously injured while on campus. The injury could occur while outdoors, in class, in a dorm, or at a college-sponsored sporting, educational, or entertainment event. Some of the most common injuries on college campuses include:

Injuries can occur at any one of the many colleges throughout the state of Oregon, including:

College Campus Injury Statistics

The National Institute of Health reports that each year, about 1,825 college students between 18 and 25 die from alcohol-related injuries, with about 75 percent of these deaths vehicle-related. The agency also reveals that about 696,000 students are assaulted by another student who was intoxicated, with 97,000 students reporting a sexual assault or date rape. If your child has been injured on a college campus, our trial lawyers at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC will help you seek justice for what happened. Whether your child has been hurt in a slip and fall incident or you require the services of a pedestrian accident attorney in Portland, we can help.

Who is Liable in a Portland College Campus Injury Case?

To determine which parties can be held liable in a campus injury case requires a full investigation into the facts in the case. Some cases of injury are related to security failures, whether broken locks, gates, lack of sufficient security personnel or similar issue. If the injuries are the result of a vehicle accident on campus, a negligent driver may be liable. We offer a free case consultation to review the facts and advise you how to move forward with legal action.

Why Hire a Portland College Campus Injury Lawyer?

To successfully file a claim or lawsuit against a college or other liable party, you need professional legal counsel. These cases can be complex to resolve and are often heavily contested and very expensive.  Colleges are large institutions with vast resources and will have their own investigators and attorneys working on the case right from the beginning.  You should too. Our attorneys are dedicated to the pursuit of justice and will begin investigating the facts as soon as we take your case.

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We offer our help to families who have had a child injured while on a college campus. Our record of success is based upon our professional approach, experience at trial, and our personal dedication to the people we serve. If your child was injured on a college campus, call today to schedule a free consultation – we can help.