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Automobile technology is advancing to new levels. Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon and will soon become available to the public. Currently, many companies are testing their autonomous vehicles on the streets, roads, and highways in Portland. Just a few of the companies currently testing autonomous vehicles include:

Autonomous vehicles are currently in the testing phase. A recent study reveals a shocking truth: These vehicles have been involved in car crashes at five times the rate of other cars. While this early data will change as more autonomous vehicles are on the roadways. If you or a loved one was injured or died in a collision with an autonomous vehicle, it is critical that you are represented by an experienced fatal car accident lawyer in Portland. Innocent people have been seriously injured or killed when an autonomous vehicle system fails.

Autonomous vehicle accidents that lead to injury or loss of life are complex to resolve. The goal of these vehicles is to make driving safer by eliminating human error. Unfortunately, technology is not perfect and may fail to function. When cameras or sensors fail, an autonomous vehicle puts drivers and passengers sharing the road at risk. While the concept of a computer-operated vehicle is interesting and exciting, issues such as weather affecting camera and sensor performance are unresolved to date.

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Autonomous Vehicle Laws in Portland and throughout Oregon

Oregon lawmakers have not yet put laws in place requiring companies testing autonomous vehicles to report on planned tests in the state – the notification is purely voluntary. While this will change in the future, Oregon residents are not warned when autonomous vehicles are being tested, whether on streets or highways. The Oregon Department of Transportation does not regulate autonomous vehicle testing, and will only share information with local jurisdictions if the company chooses to provide voluntary information on the location of tests, routes, dates, or after-the-fact information regarding collisions.

Who is Liable in Autonomous Vehicle Accidents?

An autonomous vehicle crash poses some serious legal problems about liability. Was the driver at fault not taking over control when the vehicle failed? Was it the software developer who created the system that failed to operate? Was it the vehicle manufacturer? Autonomous vehicles require a human driver – but was the driver the only party at fault?

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At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we fully investigate all the facts in the case and will hold all potentially liable parties accountable – our goal is achieving justice for those we serve. The second question involves the value of the insurance claim – what could a seriously injured victim expect in compensation? The answer, in large part, lies in the skills of your personal injury lawyer. From the initial filing, through negotiations regarding a settlement, to presenting your case to a jury, our legal team is known for our high-level legal skills in difficult cases.

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