Portland Construction Defect Lawyer

Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC handles personal injury claims in Portland involving improper construction on both private and public property. We have handled multiple premises liability claims involving improperly constructed structures, including apartment building incidents, defective wiring, and poorly built lofts. In one premises liability claim, we were able to recover a $1.26 million settlement. If you were injured in this type of accident, we encourage you to speak with a Portland injury lawyer at our law firm.

Construction Defect Claims

Improper construction claims are also often referred to as “construction defect” cases. In the event that poor construction is the cause of an accident, the plaintiff could potentially file a claim against the company and/or individual that constructed the defective object.

What do we mean by poor construction?

Improper Maintenance of a Structure

Even if a building or structure is constructed up to code, if it remains for long enough, it will decay. It’s a basic second law of thermodynamics scenario. Just as wood rots and metal corrodes, laws and codes change. At the time of your accident, you may have been inside of what was once a safe structure but was not maintained to remain up to current safety standards.

Do you have an improper construction claim?

These are complex cases that should be carefully evaluated by an experienced attorney. The Portland injury attorneys at Paulson Coletti have won tens of millions of dollars on behalf of wrongfully injured individuals. We have proven our merit in the field of injury representation and litigation, and our awards testify to that. Our firm is consistently voted to the list of “Best Law Firm” by US News and our attorneys have won multiple “Lawyer of the Year” awards in their areas of practice.

Should you choose to retain our law firm, you will not pay us unless we secure a recovery for you. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your case!