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Pedestrian accidents are becoming an increasing problem throughout the United States. Nationwide, approximately 4,700 people are killed and another 76,000 are injured in these types of accidents every year. The victims of many of these accidents are older adults and children, and leading causes of pedestrian accidents include driver intoxication and driver distraction.

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Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Crosswalks

A majority of pedestrian accidents in Portland, OR occur at crosswalks. Although Portland is one of the most pedestrian friendly urban areas in the nation, there are still an unfortunate number of crosswalk accidents. Pedestrian injures can be caused by:

If the wrongful or negligent actions of a driver led to you or a loved one being seriously injured, you may have legal recourse. We invite you to discuss your case with our firm.

Portland residents who’ve experienced pedestrian injuries should not be thinking about dealing with insurance companies. They should focus on healing, not medical expenses and medical bills. It is the goal of our pedestrian accident attorneys to take the burden off you so you can focus on healing.

Portland Pedestrian Accident Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calculated 55 pedestrian fatalities resulting from motor vehicle accidents in 2012 out of a total 336 fatalities. In other words 16.4% of all traffic crash fatalities are pedestrians.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT), there are approximately 850 accidents that involve pedestrians annually. In 2013, the pedestrian fatality rate was down 7.12% but 52 people were still killed in avoidable traffic accidents. The DOT also revealed that 814 pedestrians were injured in 2013 traffic accidents.

Statistically, the number one driver error in accidents involving pedestrians is failure to yield the right-of-way, while the number one pedestrian error is crossing between intersections.

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