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Giving birth is one of the miracles of life. With advancements in medical technology and science, mothers have more options for labor and delivery than ever before. One popular method right now is water birth, as it can ease pain, eliminate the need for anesthesia, and even speed up the delivery.

During water births, expectant mothers sit in a tub of warm water called a birthing pool. Many believe the water’s temperature and movement are what ease contraction pains and speed up the labor. Nevertheless, like other medical procedures, trained midwives and doctors must monitor water births to ensure safety and good health. If they are negligent or careless during the labor, you or your baby can suffer lasting damages.

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Potential Risks of Water Births

Labor in general can be dangerous if not handled properly. Water births introduce additional risk because water can affect the health of the mother and child.

Common water birth dangers include:

Vigilant midwives and doctors can prevent a majority of these hazards. It is their responsibility to enlighten expectant mothers about the process and to prepare for any potential problems. There are certain steps these professionals need to take to ensure the labor and delivery are seamless.

Responsibilities of the midwife or doctor include:

If you experienced complications during a water birth, you may have grounds for legal recourse through a medical malpractice lawsuit in Portland.

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