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Although Portland is an extremely bicycle friendly city, bicycle accidents still happen. On a national level, at least one bicyclist is killed in an accident every six hours. Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC is home to Portland bicycle accident attorneys who have a reputation for helping clients in uniquely difficult circumstances. We are also avid cyclists ourselves. In fact, Chuck Paulson still rides regularly a few days a week. We even joined him in riding 80 miles on his 80th birthday.

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Protecting Your Rights After a Bicycle Accident
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Compensation Available for Portland Bicycle Accidents
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Reputable Advocacy from A Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney

For our exceptional efforts pursuing justice on behalf of bicycle accident and other injury victims, Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC was named to the list of “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News in the practice area of personal injury litigation – plaintiffs.

We have secured multiple successful verdicts for bicycle accident victims in Portland and throughout Multnomah County, including:

Our Portland personal injury lawyers understand the challenges you are facing after a bicycle accident. We know that you may have many questions as you approach the possibility of taking legal action to pursue justice after your accident. We are here to answer those questions.

Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney

How Can Attorney Help With a Bicycle Accident Claim?

The reality is that a bicycle accident lawyer in Portland will be a significant asset when it comes to recovering compensation for your claim. Often, at-fault parties in these situations place blame on the bicyclist for the incident. This is not fair, but when a person works with an attorney, they will have an advocate who can push back against these allegations.

The role of a lawyer will include fully investigating the incident, which means uncovering all evidence needed to prove liability. In some cases, an attorney may need to liaise with an accident reconstruction expert who can provide 3D computer models based on science and math to the insurance carrier or to a personal injury jury.

While an investigation is ongoing, a lawyer will work with trusted economic and medical experts to adequately calculate the total expected economic and non-economic damages the victim will likely incur. Using this information, the attorney will vigorously negotiate to recover fair compensation settlement offers from the insurance carrier. If necessary, a lawyer will fully prep the entire case for a jury trial.

Share the Road with Cyclists

The Portland bicycle accident attorneys at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC are strong advocates for road safety, particularly for bicyclists who share the road with cars and trucks. Bicyclists are at a disadvantage due to their size, making it difficult for motorists to see them. Cyclists are also more vulnerable to injury due to their exposure to the open road. We encourage all motorists to share the road and watch out for bicyclists.

Protecting Your Rights After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycling is increasing in popularity in Oregon, Washington, and throughout The Pacific Northwest as an eco-friendly form of transportation, exercise, and recreation. Unfortunately, some motorists have failed to adjust their driving to accommodate for the increasing number of cyclists.

Of all annual bike accident victims in the U.S., close to one million are children. These statistics underscore the daily dangers cyclists face, and they highlight the importance of protecting victims of bicycle accidents.

Approximately 75% of serious and fatal bicycle accidents involve head injuries. Other common examples of bike accident injuries include:

Recovering After A Bicycle Accident

Injuries after a bicycle accident can range from aches and pains to traumatic brain injury that can permanently change your life. Our attorneys have unmatched knowledge of Oregon bike law and will work tirelessly with your insurance company and health insurance company so you don’t have to worry about medical bills and medical expenses. Your primary goal should be recovery, not paperwork. When you take us on as your Portland bicycle accident lawyer, we want you to feel as though you are taken care of. Regardless of whether you were injured on a defective bicycle or a car hit you, we’ve got your back.

Compensation Available for a Portland Bicycle Accident Case

Bicycle accident victims in Portland should be able to recover a wide range of types of compensation if another driver or entity was responsible for the accident. Our attorneys will work diligently to recover economic and non-economic losses on behalf of every client that we assist.

There is no set amount of compensation paid to bicycle accident victims in Portland. Rather, the total amount a person receives if their claim is successful will revolve around the severity of the injuries, whether or not there was any shared fault, the level of property damage, how long it takes to recover, and other factors.

Calculating the economic damages involves adding up the total measurable losses that can be documented with receipts, bills, and invoices. However, properly calculating non-economic damages is a bit more challenging. Often, an attorney will use a multiplier method where they will take the total economic damages and then multiply this by a set number to reach a non-economic total. Alternatively, an attorney may use a per diem method to assign a dollar value to every day a person is expected to experience pain and suffering.

How is Liability Determined After These Incidents?

Determining liability after a bicycle crash in Portland can be challenging but certainly not impossible. However, we do strongly recommend you work with a skilled attorney who has experience handling bicycle accident claims.

It is very likely that the at-fault party and their insurance carrier will push back from having to pay out full compensation or from having to pay compensation at all. The only way to successfully conclude a bicycle accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is to prove my ability. This will be done by gathering as much evidence as possible, which can include the following:

In many cases, the evidence mentioned above will paint a clear picture of who was at fault for the incident. However, fault is not always clear right away, and it may be necessary to work with accident reconstruction experts who can use the data gathered as well as computer and 3D modeling. Accident reconstructionists can help provide testimony to insurance carriers or to a personal injury jury to help prove what happened in the case.

Proving liability and gathering evidence is a time-consuming process, and it does cost money. However, a skilled lawyer will use their resources to handle this part of the process on behalf of their client. They will be the ones to handle the upfront costs and will typically only collect legal fees after the claim is settled.

Steps to Take After a Bike Crash in Portland

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a bicycle crash in Portland, there are various steps that you can take immediately and in the days and weeks that follow to help ensure that you recover adequate compensation for your losses.

  1. Call the police. Immediately after an accident between a bicycle and another vehicle, it is imperative to call 911 and let the police come to the scene. A police officer needs to investigate and fill out a police report that can be made available to the insurance carriers. Additionally, a dispatcher can send medical personnel to the scene if there are injuries to anybody involved. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to getting the right people to the scene to help out.
  2. Seek medical care. Any bicyclist injured in an accident with another vehicle needs to seek medical treatment immediately. For severe injuries that are obvious, this means taking an ambulance to the hospital for emergency treatment. However, even if a person does not go to the hospital in an ambulance, they need to go to an emergency department to be evaluated by a doctor. Some bicycle accident injuries may not appear until hours or days after the incident occurs, but a doctor may be able to identify them and begin treatment earlier than that. Additionally, seeking immediate medical care helps establish that any injuries you sustained actually happened in the accident with another vehicle.
  3. Collect evidence. In many cases, there is time at the scene of the incident to begin gathering evidence. The injured bicyclist may not be able to do this on their own, but they may be able to ask others to take photographs of everything around the scene, including vehicles involved, the basic all, injuries, debris or skid marks, traffic patterns, traffic signs, and more. Additionally, if you see any eyewitnesses around the scene of a bicycle accident, get their names and contact information written down immediately.
  4. Report the incident. Individuals need to report the incident to their insurance carrier if they have auto insurance. In many cases, these claims will be resolved through settlements with the insurance carriers. It may not seem like reporting the incident to your car insurance carrier will matter, but it does. Often, your auto insurance will help pay for some damages while awaiting a settlement from the other party.
  5. Stay off social media. We encourage all bicycle accident victims to stay off of social media with any posts relating to the incident, their injuries, or the recovery process. Anything posted on social media could end up being used against the bicycle accident victim. Something as simple as opposed about going to a baseball game or to the lake could jeopardize an injury claim.
  6. Call an attorney. Bicycle accident victims need to work with an attorney immediately. The sooner an attorney gets involved, the quicker they can begin gathering evidence and communicating with other parties to recover a fair settlement. Ideally, a Portland bicycle accident attorney will be involved before the victim has a chance to speak to any other parties involved, including insurance carriers.
  7. Continue medical treatment. Finally, it is imperative for bicycle accident victims to continue all medical treatment recommended by their doctor. This is an overlooked aspect of injury claims. Often, individuals discontinue care as soon as they begin to feel better, but this could jeopardize the overall claim. This continuing care against the advice of a doctor could be taken as a sign by insurance carriers or adult parties that the injury is not or was not as severe as previously stated.

Portland Bicycle Accident Lawyer

What is Being Done to Protect Bicyclists in Portland?

Only about 33% of all bike accidents involve automobiles, but these collisions account for the majority of serious injuries and fatalities. Drivers must learn to share the road, and legislative reform is a key contributing factor in this endeavor.

Many states are now enacting new laws to help protect cyclists and many cities are installing bike lanes, bike signals and bike-accessible trails to help protect cyclists. Another important aspect of protecting cyclists, however, is the ability to take legal action after a collision in which an automobile driver was at fault. A Portland car accident lawyer is ready to take on your case and fight to secure a fair recovery on your behalf.

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