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Mechanical Defects and Auto Recalls

Auto product liability is an area of law that melds elements of car accident and product liability laws in Portland. In some cases, car accidents are not caused by human error (which is most common) but rather caused by some type of defect or oversight in the vehicle’s design. Lately, GM has been in the spotlight for faulty ignition switches in thousands of its vehicles that resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a similar incident, we invite you to contact our firm to tell us about your case.

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Who Are Auto Product Liability Claims Filed Against?

Auto product liability claims are filed against the product manufacturer. When claims started to surface surrounding the ignition switch defect accidents, GM took the heat. These types of cases typically involve multiple vehicles, hence multiple claimants. Sometimes claimants will form a class and file a class action lawsuit against a vehicle manufacturer in hopes of securing compensation for harm caused by the defects.

What Are Common Hazards that Prompt Auto Recalls?

Any number of things can go wrong when a vehicle is being designed or manufactured. Some common causes for auto recalls are hazards such as:

Defects in Design & Manufacturing Defects

Auto product liability cases usually fall into one of two categories – defects in design and manufacturing defects. The former describes a defect that is inherent in the design of the vehicle or vehicle component, while the latter results in a defect that could have been prevented by perfect manufacturing.

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