Commonly Misdiagnosed Types of Cancer

When you become ill and are seeking a diagnosis, it is not unheard of that a misdiagnosis occurs. Mistakes in diagnosing cancer happen regularly, with some types of cancers being easier to confuse than others. The similarity in symptoms across types of cancer can provide information that leads to confusion. If a love one is incorrectly diagnoses, a Salem HER2+ misdiagnosis attorney may be able to help.

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Different Ways Cancer is Misdiagnosed

When cancer is misdiagnosed, it can be incredibly serious for the patient. It can happen in a variety of ways. Some ways that cancer is diagnosed incorrectly are discussed below:

The Wrong Type of Cancer is Diagnosed

If the wrong type of cancer is diagnosed, the wrong treatments may be used to attack the cancer cells. This could do more harm than good for the patient. The original disease may continue to progress because the treatment that would eradicate or slow it is not being administered.

Undiagnosed Cancer When Cancer is Present

If cancer remains undiagnosed, treatment will not be administered. This means that the cancer will continue to grow and can become too advanced for what would have been an appropriate treatment. Once it progresses past modes of treatment, the patient may face tragic results.

Cancer Diagnosis Where Cancer is Not Present

If a patient is diagnosed with cancer in error, they may suffer through the brutal treatments that would typically only be administered when cancer is present. They could suffer harmful side effects like medication, chemotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. While these treatments can be very effective in treating cancer, they can leave the body fatigued, depleted, and unable to fight off ailments when used incorrectly.

Signs Cancer Has Been Misdiagnosed

It can be complicated to know whether a cancer diagnosis is accurate. Though, if a patient is being treated for cancer and their condition does not improve or it becomes worse, it may point to a false diagnosis. Since cancer does not always respond to treatment the way we would hope, this may not always point to a misdiagnosis.

If you feel your doctor is not performing additional tests or looking at other treatment options, you would do well to pursue a second opinion.

Indications That You Were Misdiagnosed

There are some signs to watch for if you suspect your condition may have been misdiagnosed. It is crucial that you receive prompt and correct care if you are diagnosed with cancer or any other condition. Speak to another healthcare professional if you do not feel you are receiving adequate care.

Listed below are some indications that your cancer may have been misdiagnosed:

  • Your physician failed to note your medical history and your family’s medical history prior to diagnosis.
  • The medical professional is unwilling to look at alternative treatments when the current treatment or medication is not working.
  • You were diagnosed using the bare minimum of information and tests.
  • Your doctor fails to communicate with you about your concerns thoroughly. They may resist answering questions and seem to feel challenged if they have questions outside of their initial diagnosis.

Types of Cancers That Are Frequently Misdiagnosed

Cancer symptoms can be similar in certain conditions. For instance, pancreatic cancer can mimic the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Some cancers are rarely seen, so doctors may fail to consider them when forming a diagnosis.

Listed below are some cancers that see frequent misdiagnoses:

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