7 Tips for Cycling Portland at Night

Bicycling is a good way to get some exercise and an excellent way to save on some fuel when getting from point A to point B. However, bicycling in the evening and at night can be significantly more dangerous than riding during the day. Visibility is lowered, and individuals have to contend with the possibility of drunk drivers on the roadway. Here, we want to provide you with seven tips for cycling around Portland at night.

Stay Safe – Follow These Tips

The government of Portland really encourages riding a bicycle, especially for recreational riders. The reality is that there are plenty of beautiful areas to ride at night, especially around the Classic Waterfront loop.

When offering tips for staying safe when cycling Portland that night, we want to use various sources, including tips from the city itself.

  1. Proper lighting. Under Oregon law, all bicyclists must have a white light visible at least 500 feet in front of them as well as a rear reflector or red light visible at least 600 feet from the rear. Additionally, individuals should consider wearing lights on their persons or attaching more lights to the side of their bikes or along the wheels.
  2. Wear bright clothing. Even though break clothing may not be fashionable, it is especially helpful at night time. Brighter clothing and shores better rider visibility, and this increases overall safety. Riders should not only wear bright clothing, but they should also consider attaching reflectors or reflecting tape to their outer clothing when they ride at night.
  3. Carry some tools. Bikes can break down, and a breakdown at night is much worse than a breakdown during day time. Bicyclists should carry a mini multi-repair kit on their person or on the bike. Additionally, bicyclists should have a mini handheld bike pump to help inflate they’re tired.
  4. Be prepared for the weather. Ideally, bicyclists would check the forecast ahead of time and not choose to ride during any type of inclement weather. Bicyclists should also look ahead at the forecast to ensure that the weather will not hit while they are out riding. Even so, individuals should dress appropriately for the weather that will kick in. Sometimes, it will be cool and windy (okay, most of the time), so a windbreaker or jacket is often appropriate.
  5. Know the route. Riding at night is not the time to explore new trails or pathways. Bicyclists should have a set route that they know ahead of time before heading out to ride around Portland at night.
  6. Carry a phone. Portland bicyclists should always have some sort of communication device on their person at all times period typically, this includes a cell phone, but this could also include a watch that is automatically connected to the cellular network that can be activated if an accident occurs.
  7. No headphones. Bicyclists need to hear their surroundings, so we strongly encourage all riders not to put headphones in their ears when riding at night. Headphones can be a distraction from focusing on the task at hand, which needs to be practicing defensive driving, even on relatively empty roadways.

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