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Doctors & NursesWhether you are just signing up for medical insurance or you are already receiving treatment and just want a change, picking the right doctor and nurse is very important. Your choice will directly affect the type of care you receive. Does the doctor you choose have a good reputation? Have they had any disciplinary action against them? These are the things you will want to know before proceeding.

The Portland Monthly conducts a survey to solicit nominations from licensed doctors and registered nurses within the Clackamas Counties and Multnomah, Washington. Based on an evaluation of education, patient satisfaction, accomplishments, and other evidence-based criteria, the doctors and nurse practitioners are ranked.

Portland’s top-ranked family medicine doctors include:

  • Laura K. Bitts, The Portland Clinic – South
  • Prasanna R. Chandran, The Portland Clinic – Beaverton
  • Jennifer C. Edman, OHSU
  • Jessica M. Flynn, OHSU
  • Mark A. Harvey, KP Mt. Scott Medical Office

Portland’s top-ranked family nurse practitioners include:

  • Valerie Cecil, OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond
  • Marcus Cooksey, Multnomah County Health Department – Mid County
  • Megan E. Danish, KP Interstate Medical Office – East
  • Hannah Pappas, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
  • J.C. Provost, Housecall Providers

View the full lists here.

When choosing a medical professional, do your due diligence. With the rate of medical malpractice claims, it is important to know that your doctor has had no history of negligence. Medical negligence occurs in a number of ways, including through surgical errors, anesthesia errors, emergency room errors, misdiagnosis, and more.

At Paulson Coletti, our Portland medical malpractice attorneys believe in holding medical professionals accountable when their negligence results in the harm of another. We take our jobs as your counsel very seriously. We fight for your cause every step of the way. If you or someone you love was affected or harmed by medical negligence, give us a call today and we will explain your legal rights and options.