More off-duty Portland police antics

This is practically unbelievable–the head of the Portland Police Bureau’s traffic division, while off-duty, was involved in a road-rage incident in Idaho in which he allegedly pointed a gun at another driver. He was stopped by Washington State troopers but was not arrested. The incident is under investigation by the Idaho State Police.

In the meantime, Todd Wyatt, the gun-brandishing off-duty supervisor, has returned from vacation and has been temporarily reassigned to the drugs and vice division. The irony of Wyatt being involved in a road-rage incident is that he heads the division that deals with road rage.

There is reason to be concerned. Off-duty Portland Police officers have been involved in a number of unfortunate incidents over the past year, including driving under the influence and road rage. We need the Portland Police to protect and provide positive examples for us. I hope these officers get the help they need to straighten out these problems.

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