Kids & Cold Medicines Don’t Mix

Well, cold season is fast upon us, and for many that means scouring the medicine aisles for cold remedies. Not so fast, my friends! Particularly for those of you who have young children, caution is the key when administering cold medication. Drug manufacturers announced plans to add a warning on labels against administering cough and cold medicines to children under the age of four. Drug makers are voluntarily adding the warning but were influenced by the Food and Drug Administration, according to an October 15, 2008, Associated Press story.

Children’s cough and cold products are used by some 39 percent of households per year, yet medical experts agree they do little but sedate. While it might be beneficial for sick children to sleep, using cough and cold medications can cause adverse reactions, including breathing problems. The National Research Center for Women and Families, among other organizations, believes such medications should not be administered to children under the age of six.

For more information see this article in the New York Times from October 8, 2008.