Construction Accidents on the Rise in Texas

The number of on-site construction fatalities in Texas in recent years has increased enough to prompt an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In 2003 there were 110 construction deaths in Texas. In 2007 there were 144, and more than half of those killed were Hispanic.

OSHA plans to send additional inspectors to Texas to strengthen education and enforcement of safety regulations. Construction sites should expect unannounced visits from inspectors. Though the number of inspectors and other details have yet to be divulged, the scuttlebutt is that up to two dozen extra inspectors will descend upon Texas this summer. There are allegedly about 77 regular inspectors in Texas.

The nonprofit Workers Defense Project, based in Austin, Texas, has been lobbying for OSHA to step up its regulations and oversight. The advocacy group has received numerous worker complaints regarding construction site dangers and poor safety measures.