What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play in a Brain Injury Case?

If a person sustains a brain injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of another individual, entity, or company, they may be able to recover compensation for their losses. Typically, this means filing a personal injury lawsuit against the alleged negligent entity and gathering enough evidence to prove what happened. Sometimes, expert witnesses will… read more

Potential Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain injuries can range significantly in severity, from relatively minor concussions to significant trauma that can affect a person’s day-to-day life. Here, we want to examine some of the long-term effects that a brain injury can have on an individual. These effects can include both cognitive and physical disabilities that require major medical care and… read more

What Injuries Are Commonly Caused by Wildfires?

Wildfires not only cause devastation to forests and grasslands but also leave people and animals in their vicinity with significant injuries and illnesses. Oregon’s Department of Emergency Management maintains its Wildfire Response and Recovery website, which provides regular updates on the current fire situation. By staying updated, you can take action to avoid the damaging… read more

Dealing With an Insurance Company After an Oregon Wildfire

After an Oregon wildfire, you will likely turn to your homeowner’s insurance for help. What you may not expect is how they may try to reduce or minimize your claim. Instead of struggling to negotiate a satisfactory settlement, take these simple steps to protect your compensation and speak to an Oregon wildfire attorney as soon… read more

U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics [2022]

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the second most common cancer found among women in the United States. Each year, about 264,000 cases of female breast cancer are diagnosed and 42,000 women pass away from the medical condition. Although deaths from female breast cancer have declined over time, it… read more

Potential Long-Term Effects of Sepsis

Sepsis is the body’s response to a serious infection. Sepsis is life-threatening, and individuals must seek prompt medical care. If an individual does survive sepsis, they could still suffer from serious long-term health effects. Here, we want to review the potential long-term effects of sepsis on the human body.  What is Sepsis? Information presented by… read more

Can Kidney Cancer be Misdiagnosed as Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salts that form inside the bladder and can lead to incredible pain and discomfort as they pass through the urinary tract. Kidney stones are common. However, there are times when medical professionals could misdiagnose kidney cancer as kidney stones, and this could lead to significant long-term consequences…. read more

How Can Kidney Stones Lead to Sepsis?

Most people think of kidney stones as something that involves significant but temporary pain. However, there are times when kidney stones can lead to serious infections or even sepsis. Here, we want to discuss how kidney stones can lead to infections and sepsis as well as whether or not this could indicate medical malpractice. For… read more

Possible Post-Amputation Complications

An amputation is a significant injury that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. This includes their ability to carry out day-to-day activities as well as the types of jobs they may be able to perform. The aftermath of an amputation can also lead to various medical complications that we want to review. Complications… read more

What is an Amputation’s Impact on the Human Body?

Individuals can sustain various types of amputations. An amputation can mean losing a finger or toe or something more serious, like losing a foot, hand, arm, or leg. Here, we want to delve into the impact that an amputation can have on the human body. The long-term effects extend beyond simply having to readjust to… read more