• Duodenoscope Manufacturers Issued Warnings by the FDA

    || 18-Aug-2015

    It was recently discovered that duodenoscope may cause disease and infections that can prove fatal. The device is used during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ECRP) procedures. It was reported that two patients died because of infections supposedly caused by contaminated duodenoscopes. As such, manufacturers needed to update processing procedures for the device. During facilities ...
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  • Top Violations that Cause Auto Collisions

    || 11-Aug-2015

    Often times, auto accidents happen so fast, it is hard to decipher just what happened until it is too late. This blog lists some of the most common traffic violations that cause car accidents. Hopefully knowing what to look out for can help you avoid being in these dangerous situations yourself! Driving Under the Influence One of the most dangerous things to do is drive inebriated. Statistics ...
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  • When PAP Smears Don't Pass the Test

    || 28-Jul-2015

    On average, American women start receiving PAP smears at the age of 21, to screen for warnings of cervical cancer. PAP smears are usually administered at least every three years, with 5% of all American women receiving the test during their physical. Many take precautions and get tested every year just to be safe. But what happens when annual PAP smear tests get misread and test results are ...
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  • 1 in 25 Patients Have Hospital-Acquired Infections

    || 15-Jul-2015

    A recent major survey compiled data from acute care hospitals throughout the nation, and found that at any given time, approximately one out of every 25 patients has a hospital-acquired infection. What are hospital-acquired infections (alternatively, healthcare associated infections )? These are infections patients contract while they are in the hospital. Common hospital-acquired infections ...
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  • $8.7M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in School Bus Accident Case

    || 8-Jul-2015

    A husband and wife from Oregon went to cross the street one July day in 2013. Sadly, they didn’t make it across. Both husband and wife were struck by a school bus. The husband sustained only minor injuries but the wife’s injuries were fatal. Now, her estate is filing an $8.7 million wrongful death lawsuit over what they are claiming is a wrongful death. In an unfortunate turn of ...
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  • Paulson Coletti Sponsors Two Athletes at 2015 CrossFit Games

    || 19-Jun-2015

    Paulson Coletti is proud to sponsor two athletes at the 2015 CrossFit games – Carleen Mathews and Jessica Core. Paulson Coletti is sponsoring two athletes who will be participating in the 2015 CrossFit games in Carson, California from July 21-26. Carleen Mathews (owner of CrossFit St. Helens) and Jessica Core just spent a week at CrossFit One in Boston for a training camp specifically for ...
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  • Takata Airbag Recall Lawsuits

    || 3-Jun-2015

    Were you injured by a defective Takata-made airbag? The Portland personal injury attorneys at Paulson Coletti are accepting cases for individuals who were injured by defective airbags manufactured by Takata. Approximately 34 million vehicles have been recalled thus far, making this the largest auto-related recall in history. Takata’s initial airbag recall was about half the size, affecting ...
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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Consultation

    || 2-Jun-2015

    Many personal injury lawyers offer “free consultations” or at least a free initial phone call to discuss your potential case. Learn how to get those most out of these meetings. If you were injured through no fault of your own, you may be considering retaining an attorney. The best way to find out whether you have a case is through an initial consultation with a lawyer experienced in ...
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  • New Wave of Bird Flu in U.S. Poses "Low Threat"

    || 20-May-2015

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the H5 bird flu that is currently sweeping through poultry farms nationwide poses no health issue to the public. A new wave of bird flu has affected 40% of states along with tens of millions of birds, says the CDC, but the disease poses a low threat to the public. The strain of flu, known as H5 bird flu, has not yet been detected in any ...
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  • Teladoc: Convenient, but Bad for Patient Safety

    || 13-May-2015

    Teladoc has been in hot water with the Texas Medical Board recently. The Board is imposing additional regulations to protect patients from the risk of inaccurate diagnoses. “How can a physician make an accurate diagnosis when they have no objective diagnostic data?” – That’s a great question, Texas Medical Board. We’re glad you asked. Teladoc is the nation’s ...
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  • Doctors, Insurance Coverage, and the Importance of Trusting Your Physician

    || 6-May-2015

    When doctors leave health plans, patients can be left scrambling to find a new physician. Finding the right doctor can be difficult enough, but getting to know that doctor and trusting them is even harder. How can you develop a relationship of trust with a new physician? It can take years to find the right doctor, and even years after that to feel like you have a solid relationship with that ...
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  • 60% of Pest Control Techs Find Bedbugs in Nursing Homes

    || 29-Apr-2015

    Recent data reveals that poor sanitation in U.S. nursing homes may be worse than we first thought. Last year, three out of five pest control technicians reported finding bed bugs in nursing homes, a 46% increase from the year prior. More than half of all nursing homes may be infested with bed bugs, report pest control technicians – and nursing homes might not be the only problem. Many ...
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  • Trek Bicycles Recalled, At Least 3 Riders Injured

    || 23-Apr-2015

    Nearly one million Trek brand bicycles are being recalled over a safety hazard that resulted in one bicyclist becoming paralyzed. Trek has issued a recall of nearly one million of its bicycles for a defective component. According to reports, a quick release lever on the bicycle can get in the way of the brakes, which in turn causes the wheel to stop and even detach completely from the bike while ...
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  • Jury Awards $48 Million in Motrin Injury Case

    || 22-Apr-2015

    A man who developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome after using Motrin has been awarded $48 million by a jury in Los Angeles. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is more than just a rash. At worst, it’s life threatening. At best, it’s debilitating. Christopher Trejo developed this tragic condition after using Motrin, the brand name for ibuprofen, as a teenager. The suit that was initially filed against ...
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  • Why Cars Catch Fire After Accidents

    || 20-Apr-2015

    If you’ve ever wondered why some cars ignite after a collision, this article will explain the different factors involved in vehicle fires. 1. Crumple Zones Two sections of any given vehicle is designated the “crumple zone” – the front and rear. These are the two sections of a car that are most prone to “crumple” in the event of a car accident. Although most ...
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