• Paulson Coletti Continues to Be a Proud Sponsor of Walk, Roll 'n' Run

    || 27-Oct-2016

    Paulson Coletti is proud to be a continued sponsor of United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington’s (UCP) Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run, an annual event to raise funds in support of more than 850 families throughout Oregon and SW Washington. The 12 th Annual Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run, held on September 17, was a rainy yet rousing success – with the community’s ...
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  • 8 Injured in Portland Gas Explosion

    || 20-Oct-2016

    Eight people, including two police officers and three firefighters were injured after a large gas explosion occurred in Northwest Portland on Wednesday morning. According to reports, the explosion took place in the Dosha Salon Spa building at NW 23 rd and Glisan. Portland Fire and Rescue confirmed the injuries to KOIN 6 News, but said that no one was killed by the blast. None of the injuries ...
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  • Failure to Diagnose Stroke Case by ER Physician at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

    || 2-Jun-2016

    Our 38-year-old client collapsed at home after carrying laundry down the stairs to the laundry room. Her children called for help. EMTs responded and called the case in as an “altered mental status and stroke.” After she arrived at the emergency room, she was seen by a resident and ER doctor. She underwent a CT scan, which did not show a bleed, so they did not suspect stroke. She was ...
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  • Jury Awards Paulson Coletti Clients $13.9 Million After Garbage Truck Severed Leg

    || 25-May-2016

    A Multnomah County jury awarded $13.5 million to a man who lost his leg after being struck by a garbage truck and $400,000 to the man’s wife for loss of consortium. 57-year-old Scott Busch was crossing the street when a garbage truck making an illegal right turn struck him. Busch was crossing in the crosswalk and with the “walk” signal at 5:45 am on his way to work, when he was ...
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  • Damage Caps in Oregon Tort Claims Act Ruled Constitutional

    || 12-May-2016

    The Oregon Supreme Court recently ruled in a split decision that limits on damages to plaintiffs set by the Oregon Tort Claims Act are constitutional. Oregon state law caps damages owed by public bodies at $3 million. That means that even if a medical mistake results in $5 million in medical bills and future medical expenses, state law would still cap damages owed to the plaintiff at $3 million. ...
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  • Portland Construction Worker Killed in Trench Collapse

    || 11-May-2016

    A trench collapsed and killed a 27-year-old worker in Portland yesterday. The construction worker was at the bottom of a trench working on a sewer line when the walls on both sides of the trench collapsed. According to Portland Fire & Rescue, the crew was using temporary bracing walls to prevent the collapse of the 11 feet deep, 3 feet wide, and 70 feet long trench. “At some point during ...
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  • Analyzing Factors in Truck Accident Claims

    || 15-Apr-2016

    When a large commercial truck loses control or the driver is negligent, people can be seriously injured. This is a scary situation, but it’s something that occurs far too often throughout the United States. Unfortunately, those who are injured in truck accidents don’t always know what to do next. Our Portland truck accident lawyers at Paulson Coletti want to help clients understand ...
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  • Step-by-Step Guide for Medical Negligence Claims

    || 31-Mar-2016

    Have you ever wondered how a medical malpractice claim worked and how to file? Were you injured because of a negligent doctor and now you need to take legal action? At Paulson Coletti, we believe that individuals who have been injured as a result of medical negligence should be able to hold the medical professional or facility accountable for any damages sustained. Our Portland medical malpractice ...
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  • Oregon Lawsuit: Alleged Extreme Starvation of 2 Preschoolers

    || 21-Mar-2016

    A new lawsuit accuses the Oregon Department of Human Services of failing to supervise a situation in which two foster children were allegedly starved. In the complaint, the foster parents’ alleged negligence caused the children (4 and 5 years old) to weigh the same now as they did when they were 1 and 2. When they arrived at the hospital, the boy, 4, weighed just 27 lbs. This is the average ...
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  • NE Portland Pileup Leaves 4 Injured

    || 11-Mar-2016

    Earlier this week, a car accident occurred in Northeast Portland involving three vehicles on the 13900 block of Northeast Glisan Street around 139 th Avenue. Preliminary investigations determined that just prior to 8:00 p.m., Driver 1 lost control of the 2002 Acura TL and collided with a 2008 Toyota Corolla, driven by Driver 2 with Passenger 1 in the vehicle as well. The Corolla then hit a 2005 ...
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  • 4 Things that Can Sabotage Your Car Accident Claim

    || 2-Mar-2016

    If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to cconsult legal counsel as soon as possible. This is crucial because a lawyer can help you avoid certain pitfalls that may sabotage your car accident claim. At Paulson Coletti, our Portland car accident lawyers aim to help you protect your rights if you have been injured in an auto accident. There are certain things you can do to ...
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  • Getting Home Safely After the Brew Pub

    || 25-Feb-2016

    Whether you are enjoying your time at 5 th Quadrant, Alameda Brewhouse, Base Camp Brewing, or any of the other magnificent brew pubs in the Portland area, it is important to make sure you are able to get home safely once you’re done. It is definitely not encouraged for any individual to drink and drive. So if you were out and had some drinks, how do you get home safely? At Paulson Coletti, ...
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  • Paulson Coletti Sponsors Oregon Women Lawyers Annual Dinner

    || 5-Feb-2016

    Paulson Coletti is proud to be one of the sponsors for the 24 th Annual Roberts-Deiz Awards Dinner. Paulson Coletti is one of the sponsors for the Oregon Women Lawyer’s annual awards dinner. Two awards will be announced at the dinner, one of which is the Justice Betty Roberts Award that Attorney Jane Paulson was the recipient of in 2015. The dinner will be held on March 11 at the Portland ...
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  • Seeking an Increase in Oregon's Wrongful Death Cap

    || 4-Feb-2016

    When a person dies because of someone else’s negligent actions or because of a medical error, the family of that person may be able to seek compensation. This is called a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, this area of law can be quite complex because there are some restrictions of which families need to be aware. One of the issues a family may encounter is Oregon’s wrongful death ...
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  • Safety Tips for Trekking Oregon's Best Outdoor Destinations

    || 4-Feb-2016

    Portlanders are notorious for their love of outdoor adventures. There is so much to do and the website ShareOregon is just a small example of this! This site allows users to share adventures — such as the Tree to Tree Adventure Park or kayaking across Sturgeon Lake — and help others find some of the best destinations in Portland and all of Oregon. It is important to remember, though, ...
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