Who is Liable in an Oregon Personal Injury Case

There is no simple answer to this question because Oregon personal injury law is complicated and covers a wide variety of potential legal claims. For example, as Portland, Oregon personal injury lawyers, we handle cases ranging from: medical malpractice, trucking accidents, auto accidents and defective products, to premises liability, motorcycle accidents, and construction accidents just to name a few. To best determine if you have a personal injury liability claim with merit, consult a Portland personal injury law firm to find out what your legal options are.

It is a personal injury attorney’s role to evaluate the merit of the case and prove negligence, so when people contact Paulson Coletti, we analyze the circumstances around each case fully to determine in the facts and circumstances support a claim that negligence caused the accident. Since personal injury cases are very difficult and expensive to win, we only accept cases with merit.

When we accept a case, we become the legal voice and advocate for our clients. We use our expertise and litigation skills to represent our clients’ interests against the at fault parties and provide our clients with the best chance possible to right the wrongs against them.

If you were injured in the state of Oregon or Washington and believe you have a personal injury case, contact the Portland personal injury lawyers at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC for a free, initial consultation with no obligation for you to hire our firm.