Increasing Oregon’s Wrongful Death Cap | Oregon Wrongful Death Lawyer

../funeralWhen a person dies because of someone else’s negligent actions or because of a medical error, the family of that person may be able to seek compensation. This is called a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, this area of law can be quite complex because there are some restrictions of which families need to be aware. One of the issues a family may encounter is Oregon’s wrongful death cap.

In Oregon, there is currently a cap on non-economic damages (pain and suffering, non-economic losses) of $500,000. The cap does not effect economic damages (medical bills, wage loss, etc). The cap harms people who are not working or no longer working like the elderly, stay-at-home parents, children, and people who are disabled.

This cap has not been raised in Oregon since 1987 — even for inflation. The Oregon Legislature is deciding now whether or not to increase the cap.

At Paulson Coletti, our firm represents families in wrongful death claims after they lose their spouse, parent, or child. We know the cap and we know what to present to the court in order to recover damages. We believe that these families — who are already enduring a difficult time — deserve to have justice. Our firm supports the efforts of those looking to make a difference in the way wrongful death suits are handled in Oregon.

If you lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s action, discuss your rights with our firm. Our Oregon wrongful death attorneys are ready to stand by your side from start to finish.