Paulson Coletti Supports the Innocence Project Clinic Fund

Paulson Coletti is passionate about justice. One way we can be a part of that mission for justice is by supporting organizations like the Innocence Project – a national litigation and public policy organization committed to securing justice through reform.

Paulson Coletti is a proud supporter of the Innocence Project Clinic Fund for the University of Virginia School of Law. This year-long clinic allows UVA law school students to both investigate and litigate wrongful convictions that have taken place throughout the state of Virginia. Support for this clinic perpetuates a passion for justice in our nation’s next generation of lawyers.

One of our law firm’s mottos is “we believe in liberty and justice for all.” We take that commitment seriously. Paulson Coletti’s driving dedication is to right wrongs, securing justice for victims and reform along the way. What we do changes lives, and we take that seriously, but what we do also has the ability to change the way things are done.

When a baby is born with a severe injury because of a dangerous procedure used during delivery, Paulson Coletti is there to not only secure the compensation that baby and their family needs. We are there to ensure that a tragedy like that never happens to another family again. When a family sustains burn injuries because of faulty wiring in their apartment, Paulson Coletti is there to secure what that family needs to recover and live, but also to change the way landlords manage their property.

As trial lawyers, we are competitive to the core. You need to be confident that your attorney will fight tooth and nail for you. You also want to feel cared for after a life-changing incident. We are competitive without compromising compassion. Proponents of justice without compromising mercy. Call a Portland personal injury attorney at Paulson Coletti today if you or someone you love was injured by the careless, negligent, or wrongful actions of another.