Not a drive-thru restaurant

Last fall a driver accidentally drove through the window of a restaurant and ended in the middle of the restaurant. Unfortunately, two employees at the restaurant were dragged under the car with him. One employee, 28-year-old Brian Shin, was seriously injured and was hospitalized and in a coma for several weeks.

The restaurant, Wild Wasabe, is in a bustling area in NW Portland. Parking is scarce in the neighborhood, but Wild Wasabe has a parking lot that runs along two sides of the restaurant. Cars park pretty much right up to the building. The 82-year-old driver of the car that crashed through the restaurant mistakenly hit the accelerator when he intended to apply the brakes. He was trying to park his vehicle.

Shin believes the accident could have been prevented and plans to sue the city of Portland for neglecting to enforce city street codes that regulate sidewalk design and also for failing to properly regulate the parking lot design and construction. His attorney Jason Wright filed a tort claim on Shin’s behalf to inform the city of plans to sue. For more on this story, see this article.