Mothers Against Medical Errors Raises Medical Mishap Awareness

An article by the Ocala Star Banner titled: “ Advocacy group hopes to raise awareness about ending medical mishaps” highlights a patient safety advocacy group’s commitment to bringing serious medical negligence issues to the forefront.

Mothers against Medical Errors (MAME) wants to raise the issue of patient advocacy to help prevent mishaps and empower victims. Through education, they hope to pressure the medical community at large to address serious patient safety issues. Their hope is that this action will improve medical practices and standards nationwide. Some medical negligence cases the group cites are: drug administration errors, misdiagnosis and missed or ignored symptoms.

“I’m hoping we can move the needle (of public opinion) incrementally about the issue of patient safety,” said Kim Sandstrom, who founded the local MAME group in 2005 after losing her 25-year-old pregnant daughter to post-gall stone surgery complications.

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