How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Consultation

Many personal injury lawyers offer “free consultations” or at least a free initial phone call to discuss your potential case. Learn how to get those most out of these meetings.

If you were injured through no fault of your own, you may be considering retaining an attorney. The best way to find out whether you have a case is through an initial consultation with a lawyer experienced in personal injury law. Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure you make the most out of your free consultation.

1. Collect Yourself

One thing you want to avoid is being flustered on the phone. We understand the gravity of the situation you are in, and know that it can be difficult to compose yourself. However, presenting your case in a calm and collective way can work wonders. Even legitimate cases can sound irrelevant when presented the wrong way, so collect yourself before your free consultation.

2. Compile Basic Information

You don’t have to have everything together, but enough to present a cohesive case. If you were involved in a car accident, this might include things like pictures of damage to your car, medical records, and insurance information.

3. Write Out What You Want to Communicate Ahead of Time

While you don’t necessarily have to write out a complete script, jot down some notes to follow during your free consultation so you don’t forget to say anything important.

4. Interview the Attorney

Use this free consultation as an opportunity not just to explain your case, but to get to know the lawyer who might be representing you. Don’t be afraid to ask him or her questions about cases they have represented in the past or how many cases they handle at a time.

5. Don’t Leave with Unanswered Questions

Go into the meeting expecting, within reason, the attorney to answer all of your questions pertaining to your case. At the end of your free consultation, you should have no unanswered questions or confusion regarding your legal rights and options.

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