Granny cam catches culprits

It’s unfortunate, but we often hear about problems with assisted and senior living facilities, and in many cases, the victims are defenseless. Well, one Philadelphia family captured some pretty clear evidence on camera. The family of Lois McCallister, troubled by Lois’s allegations that the caregivers at the senior living facility where she lives were abusing her, planted a spy camera in her room. The camera caught several employees abusing McCallister.

McCallister’s daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Paul French, initially approached management of the facility, Quadrangle Sunrise Living Facility, owned by Sunrise Senior Living Inc., which runs more than 300 senior living facilities. Quadrangle were unresponsive to the Frenches’ concerns, however, and blamed McCallister’s dementia. Undeterred, the Frenches went to the local police, who arrested three Quadrangle workers–Samirah Traynham, Ayesha Muhammad, and Tyrina Griffin–for assault and harassment, among other charges. The video showed the workers verbally abusing and assaulting a half-naked McCallister. The three women will go to trial in November.

In addition, the Frenches have filed a lawsuit against the workers and the facility for negligence. The lawsuit claims the facility did not properly train workers, was understaffed, and violated state regulations. They are suing for $50,000 in damages, but their primary goal is to raise awareness of the situation and ensure nobody else has to suffer the way Lois McCallister did. The Frenches have also removed McCallister from the facility, and she is now living with them.

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