Drunk Driver Sues Employer

A young woman who became a quadriplegic as a result of a car accident in which she was driving while intoxicated is suing her employer and the restaurant where she drank for $18.7 million. The 26-year-old had been out for drinks and food at La Costita restaurant with her boss and coworkers, and her company, O’Brien Constructors, footed the bill.

The group’s outing took place after work and lasted until about 9pm. The plaintiff, Ashley Schutz, claims in the lawsuit that she went with the group because she felt her job might be in jeopardy if she did not. The lawsuit further indicates that her supervisor, Keeley O’Brien, continued to buy her drinks even after she became intoxicated. Schutz was driving home when she drove the wrong way down I-5 and crashed into another vehicle.

The medical bills Schutz has incurred are about $900,000, and they are not over. She expects to pay some $5 million in future medical care.Drunk drivers are generally not the ones filing Portland car accident lawsuits, so this case is certainly unique.