Chimp attack aftermath

This is an unfortunate story with not very good outcomes for any of the parties involved. In 2009 Charla Nash was trying to help her friend, Sandra Herold, with Herold’s 200-pound chimp. The chimp had escaped from Herold’s home in North Stamford, Connecticut, and Herold called Nash to ask her for help. Nash went to Herold’s house, and when she tried to get the chimp back into the home, the chimp attacked Nash. The chimp tore off Nash’s face and hands before a police officer intervened and shot and killed the chimp.

In 2010 Herold died. Nash filed a lawsuit against Herold’s estate, asking for $50 million for the brutal attack. Nash underwent a face transplant in 2011, as the chimp tore off her nose, lips, and eyelids. Despite the transplant, Nash is blind and has no hands. She lives in a nursing home near Boston.

Nash was recently awarded $4 million, considerable less than the $50 million she was hoping for. Her attorney, Charles Willinger, says she is planning to sue the state of Connecticut for $150 million. She claims the state was aware that the chimp posed a threat but did not take any measures.

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