Can I File Dental Malpractice In Oregon?

Most people dread going to the dentist. While most dental visits are uneventful, there are times when dental mistakes are made in Oregon. Did you know that you can file a dental malpractice lawsuit in Oregon if you are harmed due to the negligent or careless actions of a dental professional?

Anytime you seek assistance from a dental professional, you are working with a highly trained and qualified medical professional who is required to operate with an adequate standard of care. If you or a loved one have received dental care that falls below the adequate standard of care, you may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured.

Dental malpractice

What is dental malpractice

Dental malpractice is a form of medical malpractice. This refers to the professional negligence of a dentist or oral surgeon in which they provided an inadequate standard of care that caused injury or death to a patient. There are various types of dental malpractice they can occur. This includes the following:

  • Misdiagnosis. A misdiagnosis can occur in various ways in dentistry. For dental malpractice cases, this occurs when a dental professional fails to identify a condition that requires immediate medical assistance.
  • Removing the wrong tooth. If there is miscommunication between a dental team or a dentist is not paying attention during an extraction, the wrong tooth could be removed. This creates a permanent injury for a patient.
  • Removing a tooth incorrectly. A dental professional could make a mistake when removing a tooth. If a tooth is removed incorrectly, a patient could suffer from needless pain or permanent injury.
  • Incorrectly administering anesthesia. Anesthesia is an important part of the dental profession and allows a patient to be operated on without feeling any pain. However, anesthesia is incredibly powerful and must be administered correctly by the dentist.
  • Failing to recommend for further treatment. Dental professionals are often on the front lines of a person’s medical care. If a dental professional recognizes that a patient has a serious medical condition beyond their oral health, it is a duty of the dental professional to refer the patient to another specialist who can assist them further. Failing to do so could constitute malpractice.

When a patient is harmed due to a mistake made by a dental professional, they could suffer from a range of injuries. This includes:

  • Serious infections of the mouth, tongue, and brain
  • Significant scarring or disfigurement
  • Permanent injuries to a patient’s mouth, tongue, lips, face, jaw, or nerves
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Stroke or heart attack
  • Possible wrongful death

Is there compensation available for a dental malpractice case?

If a person is harmed due to the negligent actions of a dental professional, they may be able to recover compensation through a dental malpractice lawsuit. It is not uncommon for the following compensation to be awarded to victims of these cases:

  • Coverage of all medical bills related to the dental procedure
  • Coverage of medical expenses necessary to fix the dental mistake
  • Lost wages and benefits if a victim cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Compensation for disfigurement or scarring
  • Possible punitive damages in cases of gross negligence of the dental professional

The total amount of compensation awarded in these cases will vary depending on the circumstances relating to each particular claim. However, it is strongly recommended that you seek assistance from a Portland personal injury attorney to ensure that your cases handled correctly and that you are treated fairly.