How do I Report a Defective Product?

If you or your loved ones have purchased a product that you have found to be defective, it is important that you take the steps necessary not only to keep your family safe but to keep others who may have purchased the same product safe as well. But how do you report a defective product? Do you turn to local agencies, or do you rely on federal agencies? Here, we want to discuss the various avenues you may have for reporting a defective product.

Reporting to the CPSC

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of products that make it into the homes of consumers. Anytime you see a story about a product being recalled by manufacturers, you will likely see the CPSC involved in the article about the recall. This federal agency is in charge of regulations for the safety of consumer products, and they take this role seriously.

Individual consumers can reach out to the CPSC on their website or by phone (800-638-2772) to report safety concerns about various products.

Additionally, businesses and manufacturers of products are legally required to report any defects that they discover to the CPSC. If a company fails to comply with federal product safety rules, this could result in significant penalties. Companies are required to report product risks or defects that they discover within 24 hours to the CPSC.

Letting a Retailer or Manufacturer Know

In addition to alerting the CPSC about a defective product, consumers may also want to take additional steps to report flaws and defects. Most products have phone numbers on the labels that inform consumers about who to contact in the event an issue with the product is discovered. Companies often do not know about product defects unless they are informed by consumers, so we strongly recommend that consumers not only report the flaw to the CPSC but also to the company or manufacturer. Typically, the phone number to report a defect to the company will be toll-free.

What Happens After You Report a Defect?

If you report a defective product to the CPSC or a company, it is not likely that you will hear back right away. However, the CPSC does monitor complaints they receive about products, and the more reports they receive about a particular product, the more likely you will hear about the issue in the news, particularly if a recall occurs. The agency may choose to investigate the product further and recommend a recall to the company. However, it is not uncommon for companies to take a proactive step and recall a certain product if they find out about flaws.

If you or somebody you care about has been injured as a result of a defective product, then we encourage you to reach out to a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Product liability claims can become incredibly challenging, particularly when it comes to standing up against insurance carriers and legal teams. However, a defective product attorney in Portland can investigate every aspect of the claim, gather the evidence needed to prove what happened, and pursue full compensation on behalf of their client.