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Taking a rideshare vehicle to your destination should be a reasonably safe transportation option. Uber and Lyft have policies in place they believe are adequate to protect riders from risks such as sexual assault. News reports and lawsuits, however, show that Uber receives thousands of sexual assault claims from riders per year. While both companies allegedly show their commitment to passenger safety by rolling out new safety features in their apps, sexual assault survivors believe they are not doing enough.

Uber might be liable for your damages if you have a sexual assault claim against one of its drivers. Filing a civil lawsuit with help from our attorneys could lead to financial compensation for you and your family. While compensation will not undo the crimes against you, it could help you have peace of mind for the future, as well as a sense of justice. It could also pressure Uber and Lyft to change their safety policies in the future.

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What Is Uber Sexual Assault?

The State of Washington’s definition of sexual assault encompasses any type of contact or behavior of a sexual nature that occurs without the recipient’s consent. This can refer to many different actions by an Uber/Lyft driver or fellow passenger. One of the most common reasons behind Uber sexual assault lawsuits is unwanted touching of the private parts or lips. Other examples of sexual assault are rape, attempted rape, indecent liberties, sexual abuse, molestation and statutory rape. Sexual assault crimes might also involve related crimes, such as kidnapping or physical assault.

Do You Have a Civil Claim?

A civil claim alleges that a defendant acted negligently or wantonly and that this caused or significantly contributed to the harm that befell you. In the case of Uber sexual assault, you might be able to bring a civil claim against the individual perpetrator as well as the rideshare company. A claim against Uber could result in greater compensation than against the criminal due to better insurance coverage. It could also force the rideshare company to reevaluate its anti-sexual assault measures for future passengers.

You might have a claim against Uber for sexual assault in Seattle on the grounds of negligently failing to prevent the crime. Uber sexual assault lawsuits often allege that the company should have employed more rigorous background checks on its drivers, for instance. Uber and Lyft only look seven years into applicants’ backgrounds. It might also assert that safety features such as mandatory in-cab cameras could have reasonably prevented the sexual assault. A lawyer from Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC may be able to help you establish, bring and prove your claim in Seattle.

Our legal team also represents those who have been involved in Uber accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents throughout Seattle.

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