Seattle Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries can have not only physical and financial consequences for a victim and his or her family, but emotional repercussions as well. A family living with a birth injury may suffer emotional distress, mental anguish, grief, lost quality of life, lost enjoyment, depression and anxiety.

At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we are committed to bringing justice to victims of medical malpractice in Seattle. Our birth injury attorneys may be able to help your family recover compensation for all your related losses. We have years of experience and a reputation for excellence. Call now for a free consultation with our lawyers.

Why Hire Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC?

What a Birth Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

Families can struggle with the expenses of providing medical care, special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other care their injured children require. The lifetime costs of a permanently disabling birth injury can easily enter the multimillions. It is vital to hire a lawyer to represent your claim if you are in this situation. A lawyer can handle your case in a way that will optimize your odds of receiving a fair recovery award. From filing your claim against the correct defendant to negotiating with insurance claims adjusters, your birth injury lawyer can handle the legwork of your claim, so you do not have to. You can rest assured you will not settle for less with a lawyer looking out for your rights.

Compensation for Birth Injuries in Washington

All types of birth injuries are distressing. The last thing new parents are expecting is to receive a birth injury diagnosis that could change the course of their child’s life. If negligence played a role in causing the injury, however, parents may be eligible for a financial award from the at-fault party. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we know money will not compensate for your child’s serious injury. However, we also recognize that it can lend you financial stability and peace of mind during this distressing time.

Not all birth injuries in Washington give rise to medical malpractice claims. To be eligible for financial recovery, your case must involve a breach of the duty of care under medical industry standards. You or your lawyer must prove – under the evidentiary burden of more likely to be true than not true – that the defendant owed you a standard of care, violated this standard and caused your infant’s injuries. Only then will you be eligible to receive a settlement or jury verdict.

Contact a Seattle Birth Injury Attorney

Upon discovering that your child sustained an injury during labor and delivery or shortly after birth, contact an attorney from Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC to discuss your family’s rights. One or more health care providers may owe your family compensation. We can help you fight for justice and the financial relief your family needs to move forward. Start your birth injury claim in Seattle with a free consultation. Request yours today at (503) 226-6361.