TriMet Trial Begins for Sandi Day

The trial for the TriMet bus driver who ran over five pedestrians last spring has started. Though driver Sandi Day was not found guilty of criminal wrongdoing in the accident, she did get six traffic violations. She was also fired from TriMet and could lose her commercial driver’s license if she is convicted in the trial. Day is fighting the violations as well as the termination from TriMet.

Day is expected to take the stand in her defense. There has already been some drama during the trial. Defense witness Stephanie Rilatos testified that she did not believe the pedestrians were in the crosswalk when they were hit and that they seemed intoxicated. Her testimony differed from the majority of witness accounts. It was later revealed by the prosecution that Rilatos is related to a TriMet employee, dates a TriMet employee, and is trying to get a job with TriMet. The prosecution hoped to undermine Rilatos’s credibility with this information.

For more information on the trial, see this article from the Oregonian.