TriMet Driver Distracted by Baby

You know, between the Portland Police and TriMet, there are plenty of stories to share. The most recent TriMet story concerns a bus driver who allegedly kicked a woman and her infant off her bus because the baby was crying too loudly and the mother could not make the baby stop. This took place on a route in Hillsboro around 8pm last week.

One witness, who was riding from school at Portland State University back to her home in Forest Grove, said the driver announced over the loudspeaker that the mother needed to quiet her crying baby. The witness, Jennifer Chapman, said the baby was not being loud but that the mother was doing her best to comfort the infant. As the bus approached the Hillsboro Transit Center, the driver stopped the bus, walked back to the mother, said something to her, and as a result the mother and her child exited the bus. Chapman decided to follow her off the bus and tried to get her to get back on the bus. The mother refused. Chapman then confronted the driver and told her she could not make someone get off the bus just because her baby is crying. The driver responded that she could get off the bus if she did not like it. Apparently none of the passengers approved of the driver’s decision, because they all got off the bus.

The driver reported the incident to her dispatcher, who told her there isn’t much that a driver can do when there is a crying baby. After all, it is public transit. TriMet is currently investigating the incident and is asking the mother to come forward so they can get her story. Seven passengers on the bus have filed complaints against the driver so far.

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