Trimet Bus Safety Review | Portland Bus Accident Attorney

Since the April accident in which a TriMet bus driver struck and killed two and injured three, the transit agency has undergone a safety review. Conducted by K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, an initial report was recently issued.

The report pinpoints some areas for improvement, though it does commend TriMet for having better than average safety programs. The report recommends TriMet limit cell phone usage by bus drivers as well as implement a twice yearly review of each bus driver on “observation rides.”

The transit agency’s general manager, Fred Hansen, is leaving TriMet after nearly a dozen years. Hansen commented at a board meeting held to discuss the safety report. Hansen had not publicly criticized Sandi Day, the bus driver involved in the April crash, until the meeting. He believes the accident could have been avoided had Day followed protocol more carefully.

He questioned Day’s judgment in stopping for a courtesy stop that then made it impossible for her to make a legal left-hand turn. Hansen was also puzzled by the fact that the bus was going into the turn faster than recommended, especially because the intersection was active with a large number of pedestrians at the time of the crash.TriMet will continue its safety review and consider other changes to its safety procedures.