TriMet Warning System Goes Kaput

Back in March we posted about the audible warning system being tested by TriMet. The system was designed to warn pedestrians of impending turns and such. The transit agency paid $46,000 for the system. Well, after three months of testing TriMet has decided the system isn’t going to work out.

TriMet tested the system on ten buses. Reports were not terribly positive. The warning system didn’t come on when it should have and did come on when it shouldn’t. The system came with a no-return policy, so there goes $46,000. You can read more about the decision here.

In the meantime, TriMet is enjoying an increase in ridership. In fact, in May TriMet had record ridership, and the transit agency is no longer losing money. Maybe they’ll start making even more money when the adult fares increase by 5 cents in September.