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Greyhound is one of the largest charter bus companies in the country. To save money and increase its profits, Greyhound and other charter bus companies often cut corners in their operations. They may not fulfill all the safety measures required by law. This can lead to deadly and avoidable bus accidents. If you have suffered significant injuries or lost a loved one in a Greyhound bus accident, contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC for a free consultation. Our Portland personal injury attorneys may be able to secure a successful settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Why Choose Our Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyers

Portland Greyhound Bus Accident Attorney

Why Do You Need a Greyhound Bus Accident Attorney?

Greyhound is a large corporation with plenty of money and resources to put toward fighting liability for a Portland charter bus accident lawsuit. Greyhound has an aggressive legal team to defend it during injury claims. It is important to level the playing field by hiring a lawyer of your own. Otherwise, you could fall for tactics from the insurance company to unfairly reduce your settlement. A lawyer can recognize bad-faith tactics and fight against them on your behalf. You will not have to worry about settling for less than you deserve when you have an attorney by your side.

What Causes Greyhound Bus Accidents?

You might have grounds to request compensation for your Greyhound bus accident through a civil claim. A civil claim is a type of lawsuit that allows injured victims to seek financial compensation to make them whole again after a negligence-related accident. The money you could receive during a successful claim can pay for your medical expenses, losses of income, lost quality of life, emotional distress and more.

Before you can recover compensation for your injuries, you or your attorney will have to prove the fault of the defendant in causing the accident. The defendant is the person you will name as the responsible party during your personal injury suit. The Greyhound company will be the defendant in most cases involving its buses. As an employer, Greyhound is vicariously liable for the actions of its bus drivers and employees. Greyhound is also responsible for overseeing the safety and maintenance of its buses.

If a distracted or negligent Greyhound bus driver, reckless driver or unsafe bus caused your accident and injuries, Greyhound could owe you compensation. In a case involving a negligent third-party driver crashing into your bus, the at-fault driver could be liable. A product manufacturer could be your defendant if the bus contained a defective part. Naming the defendant in your Greyhound bus accident claim may take assistance from an attorney. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we know how to identify negligence and collect evidence against one or more defendants. We have represented thousands of clients in complex bus accident cases.

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Poor bus maintenance, distracted drivers, drug and alcohol use, and defective parts could all cause a devastating Greyhound bus accident. If you believe you have the right to pursue an injury claim after a Greyhound bus crash, contact us as soon as possible. We will review your accident and inform you of your rights during a free initial consultation near you. Speak to our experienced bus accident attorneys in Portland today. Call (503) 226-6361 24/7 to schedule a meeting.