TriMet Bus vs. Pedestrians | Portland Bus Accident Attorney

A tragic accident involving a TriMet bus and five pedestrians resulted in two deaths and three injured. The accident occurred late Saturday night on April 24, 2010. Investigators are still piecing together what happened. What we know is an empty but in service TriMet bus was turning left from a one-way street onto a two-way street when it struck a group of five pedestrians who were crossing the street with a walk signal.

Several of the pedestrians became trapped underneath the bus. Though it was late at night, the streets were crowded with pedestrians, as a show at Harvey’s Comedy Club had just gotten out (the five pedestrians had attended the show together).

Along similar lines, Jane Paulson has a case that goes to trial before Judge Hodson in Multnomah County Courthouse 410 on Monday, May 3, that involves a bus accident. The bus made a left-hand turn and hit her client in the crosswalk. As a result, her client had to have her left lower leg amputated.