Don’t Mess With The TriMet Driver

Oh, TriMet, here we go again. So, you probably all know about the bus driver who forced a woman and her infant off of her bus because the baby wouldn’t stop crying and was driving the driver to distraction. It turns out this is not the first time the driver has ousted passengers or otherwise treated them poorly. In fact, in the past two years, the driver, Claudeen Hendren, has been slapped with some 112 complaints. Most TriMet drivers average about 6 complaints per year.

Riders reported that Hendren, nicknamed “the monster” by some of her riders, repeatedly yelled at passengers for such offenses as talking on cell phones, listening to iPods, or having conversations with fellow passengers. Also, the 67-year-old driver had previously yelled at other parents of crying children. Complaints allege that Hendren would stop the bus and refuse to continue until her demands were met.

TriMet says they addressed Hendren’s excessive complaints with training and coaching, but it is pretty clear that tactic was unsuccessful. It took public shame and worldwide publicity for TriMet to take action–since word got out that Hendren kicked the mother and child off her bus, Hendren was put on unpaid suspension for two weeks. TriMet has also hired a trainer who will concentrate on assisting drivers with high complaint numbers.

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