Potential Medical Problems Caused by Unnecessary Surgery

Medical Malpractice FAQs

Having surgery is a serious medical decision and one that is critical to save a person’s life in many situations. Yet, no one should go through the complications and risks of surgery unless it is the best option and only option. What you may find out later is that you did not need the procedure. Understanding the potential medical problems that occur as a result of unnecessary surgery is critical.

Determine If the Procedure Was Unnecessary

The first step is to understand the medical need for the procedure. If the surgeon recommended and completed a surgery that was not necessary, that could be considered grounds for a Portland medical malpractice lawsuit.

If the procedure was not needed for any reason, such as because other care could have been just as effective or even more effective, that could be a concern. More so, if the doctor did not follow the steps that other surgeons would take before performing surgery or did not perform all necessary testing to make sure surgery was warranted, that could be medical malpractice.

Questions that often need to be asked include:

Consider the Potential Complications of Unnecessary Surgery

Even if the problem is resolved with the surgical procedure, some people may suffer numerous injuries and risks from the procedure, complicating their recovery. Some of the more common medical practices that can occur from unnecessary surgery include:

Surgical malpractice is not always the case when these types of injuries occur. Many times, though, it is critical to look back at what occurred and why to determine if the surgery could have been avoided and, therefore, the outcome and complications could have been avoided.

Uncovering Medical Malpractice in Your Case

To determine if medical problems that you are suffering could have been due to a doctor’s unnecessary surgical procedure, work with an attorney that understands the intricacies of the medical condition you had and the proper treatment methods. This will provide better insight into what your rights to compensation may be.

With the help of an attorney, you can learn more about what occurred and why. Your attorney can help you get medical records and talk to witnesses about what steps took place while also speaking to medical experts who can shed light on whether or not the surgeon made a mistake. Even if you are not sure that this took place, it is worth speaking to an attorney about those risks.

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