Injuries Caused by Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices may enhance and prolong the lives of critical patients, improving their quality of life. However, significant injuries from defective medical devices may result in tremendous financial costs and physical impairment, even leading to death. Consulting a Portland defective product attorney allows you to determine if you can take legal action against a medical device manufacturer.

Site Infection

Keeping the device site free of infection is critical to maintaining the device and reducing the risk of significant infection. A defective medical device may be designed so that it accumulates bacteria. Additionally, its components may be more prone to bacteria growth. When this occurs, a patient may notice:

Infection may require additional surgeries to remove the defective medical device and replace it. Medications, such as antibiotics, may be necessary to combat infection. Significant infection leading to complications is an indicator to contact a defective product lawyer in Portland who will review your case.

Organ Damage

Defective medical devices may result in organ damage, leading to further injury to the body and generally requiring additional medical care and medication. Defective medical devices, such as IVC filters, have been known to migrate in the body or fracture over time and cause the following complications:

Any body organ may suffer failure, but the kidneys are particularly vulnerable.

Internal Injuries

Damaged joints and sockets can be successfully repaired with medical devices to increase patient mobility and provide a healthier lifestyle. However, medical devices used for hip, knee, and shoulder replacements have resulted in internal injuries, requiring the need for additional surgeries. Internal injuries may result from:

Defective medical devices used for joint replacement may also increase the possibility of falls resulting in injury.

Do I Have a Defective Medical Device Claim?

Determining if your health has suffered significantly due to a defective medical device is challenging. Contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorney PC, if you have experienced the following:

Reviewing additional documentation of other injuries to patients caused by defective medical devices and considering your experience, we can better assess if the damages you have suffered result from a faulty medical device.

What is the Average Settlement for a Defective Medical Device Claim?

Because each Portland defective medical device claim is unique, there is no average settlement amount. Using the facts of your case and reviewing the damages you have suffered, a defective medical device attorney in Portland will determine your compensation, to include the impact of pain and suffering, on your life.

We have represented multiple clients in product liability claims, seeking compensation for damages caused by a defective medical device. Some of our case results reflect the compensation we have secured for injured clients. While these results may not indicate a settlement amount in your claim, they are evidence of our willingness to pursue a claim for our clients.

Have You Suffered Injuries From a Defective Medical Device in Oregon?

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