How Can You Find if an Oregon Doctor Has Previous Malpractice Claims?

Seeing a new physician can be a vulnerable experience. You must trust a stranger to listen to your concerns and complaints sincerely and without judgment. We know all licensed physicians undergo rigorous training and continuing education requirements to stay current, but how can you identify if your new physician has had previous malpractice claims?

This may be helpful in both ensuring you proactively receive appropriate care and investigating concerns you may have. If you have concerns about your care, the experience our Portland medical malpractice law firm brings to the table can make reaching a fair and appropriate settlement amount far easier than trying to navigate the process alone.

Accessing  Malpractice Information About Your Physician

Oregon makes it very simple to access any malpractice or disciplinary history about your physician and their license. You can access the Oregon Medical Board database and go to the malpractice claim information.

From here, you will select the malpractice claim search by license option. This page will allow you to search for information about your physician with their location, name, or license number. Once you have determined your search parameters, the database will show you a list of licenses that match those criteria. Once you select the physician you are looking for, it may show you some of the following information:

If you are curious about a history of complaints or malpractice, you will find that information in the board actions or malpractice sections. This information should be kept in the context in which we find it. A complaint may have been filed, resulting in an investigation that revealed it to be unfounded. Therefore, the OMB did not take disciplinary action.

What Does a Malpractice Claim Mean?

Something to understand about a malpractice claim is that it can be made and even settled without fault being attributed to the physician. The Oregon Medical Board (OMG) states that there are many reasons a physician may choose to settle a claim without going to court, which does not necessarily mean they were negligent in their medical practice. A Malpractice claim simply means that someone feels they have grounds to file a claim, not that the claim was valid. However, once reported to the OBM, it may be reflected in their licensure.

Malpractice Concerns

The complainant fills out an Oregon Malpractice Claim Report Form on the Oregon Medical Board website to file a claim. The form asks you to provide information about the complaint and indicate if you have begun proceedings in civil court.  If you have already retained representation and taken your case to civil court, the complaint to the board may have already been filed on your behalf.

If you have concerns regarding your care and see that your physician has already received complaints or disciplinary action for similar behavior, it may be a good idea to contact us at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys and seek legal consultation.