Injuries Caused by Nursing Negligence

Oregon nurses are given significant responsibilities to carry out a patient’s care as directed by a physician. Nursing errors may lead to significant injury and death when they are not caught or immediately addressed. Nurses may be held liable for negligence leading to damages.

Holding a nurse accountable for the injuries and costs you or a loved one has suffered may cause apprehension or confusion about the legal process. Proving medical negligence is complex, requiring the assistance of a Portland nursing negligence attorney to determine if the injuries sustained during medical care result from a nurse’s actions or inactions. Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC has successfully recovered millions for people severely injured due to medical errors.

The Value of an Oregon Nursing Negligence Claim

A Portland nursing negligence attorney will comprehensively evaluate your unique situation to uncover how you have been affected by negligence. These damages are not always financial in nature but may impair your ability to enjoy and participate in life as you did before medical negligence occurred. Compensation may reflect the following damages:

Other damages may apply to your claim. Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC has the experience to pursue your case through trial litigation. Our case results demonstrate the compensation we have secured for past clients.

Determining if You Have a Nursing Negligence Claim

Proving nursing negligence in Oregon will require your nursing negligence attorney in Portland to prove specific facts. Not every unfavorable outcome results from negligence. Nurses provide advanced patient care, but this is not a perfect science. However, you may have a nursing negligence case when:

All the elements of negligence must exist to pursue a case for nursing negligence in Oregon. The most assured way to determine if you have a case is to work with an experienced Portland medical malpractice attorney. We can also assist with filing a thorough complaint with the Oregon Medical Board for investigation.

When Should I Contact a Portland Nursing Negligence Lawyer?

Contact a nursing negligence lawyer in Portland as soon as possible when you suspect your injuries directly result from a nurse’s care or a lack of care. Time limits allowing you to seek legal action will apply. Filing an Oregon medical malpractice claim must occur within two years of the date the injuries occurred or the damages are initially discovered.

Because exceptions may apply, the time limits may vary, impacting your ability to receive compensation. Preserving evidence in a nursing negligence claim is imperative, and delaying legal action to protect medical documentation may significantly impact your claim.

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Being severely injured due to nursing negligence in Oregon is life-altering. Paulson Coletti Trial Lawyers PC believes in your right to seek legal compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss a severe injury and determine if you have a Portland nursing negligence case.