Injuries Caused by Negligent Hospital Security in Portland

A hospital’s patients, visitors, and employees deserve to feel safe from violent threats. Security teams have a critical job of monitoring hospital grounds around the clock to protect individuals coming and going from a hospital. Hospital administrators or security companies responsible for providing competent hospital security may be found liable for your injuries and damages resulting from negligent security.

Determining who is liable for your damages and seeking accountability through fair financial compensation can be navigated with the guidance of a Portland premises liability attorney. Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC has helped numerous clients secure financial compensation for liability claims resulting from negligence. Discuss these injuries in a Portland premises liability claim with us to allow us to understand better the role of negligent hospital security in your damages.

Physical Assault

Physical assault may be perpetrated by persons committing criminal activities, by someone battling mental illness, or to gain access to a location where medications are stored. Incidents of physical assault in Portland hospitals can occur inside a hospital, parking garage, or parking lot. An assault may cause:

The damages you suffer due to negligent hospital security depend on your experience. Valuing your claim requires a comprehensive review of the facts in your case. Hospital administration and employers may be held responsible for vicarious liability in Oregon.

Sexual Assault and Rape

Failing to monitor a hospital’s grounds not only puts individuals entering or leaving a hospital at risk but also exposes patients to persons freely accessing a facility with the intent of sexual violence. These traumatic injuries may lead to the following effects of sexual violence, including:

Sexual assault injuries are particularly devastating. A premises liability lawyer in Portland can assist you through compassionate guidance to discover the extent of your damages when negligent security results in violence.

Emotional Injuries

Negligent security crimes at a Portland hospital create a sense of vulnerability that may never leave an individual, reducing a person’s quality of life over time. Both physical and sexual violence can lead to mental health challenges requiring ongoing treatment. Emotional injuries may include:

Everyday occurrences, like a good night’s sleep, participating in social activities, and thriving in a vocation, may no longer be possible due to emotional injuries resulting from negligence in hospital security in Oregon. When negotiating a fair claim is not possible, we are ready to proceed with your claim through trial. Learn more about what sets our Portland medical malpractice law firm apart by watching our firm overview.

Factors Contributing to Negligent Hospital Security in Portland

Corrective actions can increase the possibility of shielding patients, workers, and visitors to Portland hospitals from the damaging effects of negligent security. Staffing shortages, improper reporting procedures, and recklessness may unnecessarily lead to your injuries. Addressing these safety concerns is critical:

A premises liability lawyer in Portland will investigate whether any reported safety concerns were adequately addressed. Statements by individuals accessing a Portland hospital around the time of a negligent security incident may provide crucial support as witnesses to the lack of safety procedures in place.

Will a Negligent Hospital Security Claim in Portland Lead to Criminal Charges?

A case for criminal action will be pursued by law enforcement, leading to possible jail time, fees, and penalties. A premises liability attorney in Portland will seek compensation for the damages you experience from negligence by hospital staff, security, or hospital administration actions and its contributions to your harm. A perpetrator may be found not guilty or never arrested, but the hospital may still be liable for your damages because of their negligence.

Is it Necessary to Work With a Portland Premises Liability Lawyer to Prove Negligent Security?

Hospitals often contend with legal actions and are prepared to fight claims of negligence through skilled corporate attorney representation. They may even work to prove your actions contributed to the damages you suffered. Minimizing the compensation that is owed to you protects the financial business of a hospital while depriving you of financial recovery.

Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC possesses the experience to take on large corporate law firms and insurance companies representing a Portland medical facility’s corporate owners. Private individuals trusting their safety to a hospital facility in Oregon should not face the devaluing of their injuries alone. Furthermore, a quick settlement to avoid significant financial compensation will be recognized and fairly negotiated by a Portland premises liability attorney seeking to improve your financial rights to recovery.

What Compensation is Available in a Portland Hospital Negligent Security Claim?

Your compensation is based on your damages resulting from negligent security in a premises liability claim. In addition to seeking compensation for the damages you experience that have actual economic costs, such as medical care, medications, and lost income, we also seek compensation for damages that are more challenging to quantify. These damages, referred to as noneconomic damages, may vary in compensation based on the gravity of your experience and may compensate for the following:

These damages are impactful and may change your life forever. We will seek the maximum compensation to help you recover.

Have You Experienced Significant Injuries Due to Negligent Hospital Security in Portland?

You should be capable of finding safety in a Portland hospital or medical facility. When negligent security leads to you suffering severe damages, Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC can help. Schedule a free consultation to determine if you have a Portland premises liability case.