Tacoma Emergency Room Error Attorney

When you travel to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, MultiCare Tacoma, St. Joseph Medical Center or another emergency room (ER) in Tacoma, Washington, you have the right to expect proper care and treatment as a patient. Staff members should take your emergency medical situation seriously, obtain relevant information, treat you in a timely manner, and fulfill all legal and ethical standards of care.

If an ER or one of its staff members failed to provide proper patient care, the establishment may owe you compensation for your damages. Contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC as soon as possible after an injury or illness connected to an emergency room error in Tacoma. We may be able to help you bring a legal cause of action.

Why Do Clients in Tacoma Choose Us?

Examples of Emergency Room Errors

No patient visits an ER expecting to come away with even more serious injuries or illnesses than he or she went in with. Unfortunately, many ERs and hospitals in Tacoma shirk their responsibilities toward patients to save time, money and other resources. This can lead to many different acts of carelessness, negligence and malpractice that ultimately harm or kill patients.

Violated standards of care and breaches of duty by health care practitioners can cause many different patient injuries. Our ER error attorneys can help patients with all manner of personal injuries, including infections, bone breaks, muscle strains, misdiagnosed illnesses, brain hypoxia and spine injuries. We do not shy away from cases involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death in Tacoma.

When to Bring a Claim

Medical malpractice might exist at the ER you visited if one or more parties owed you duties of professional care, failed to meet the expectations of these duties, and caused your losses or a loved one’s death. Our lawyers can investigate your recent incident for signs of medical malpractice. If we suspect someone owes you compensation, we can help you with all the complicated steps the claims process takes.

You must bring a medical malpractice claim in the State of Washington within at least three years of the date of the incident, however, for a valid claim. Otherwise, the courts will most likely refute your right to seek compensation. The discovery rule gives you only one year to file from the date of injury discovery if this date is later than the date of the malpractice. We work quickly and efficiently to help clients meet their deadlines.

Contact Our Tacoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Work quickly to bring your claim by contacting an attorney right away. Acting sooner rather than later to defend your rights against a negligent emergency room could improve your odds of a successful lawsuit. Discuss how to bring a cause of action in Tacoma today. Call our Tacoma medical malpractice attorneys at (503) 226-6361 or contact us online for answers.