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Admittance into a hospital in Oregon can be distressing. Finding out you or a loved one has acquired an infection since being in the hospital can add even more stress and fear. A hospital infection could worsen your prognosis for recovery. It could also lead to life-changing complications such as the need for a medical amputation, as well as cost you thousands of dollars in additional medical bills and lost wages.

If a hospital or one of its staff members reasonably should have done something differently to prevent your infection, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim in Oregon. Contact the Eugene hospital infection lawyers at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC today for a free consultation. We can help you determine whether you have a case.

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How Can a Eugene Hospital Infection Lawyer Assist You?

Most medical malpractice claims are not against individuals. Instead, the health care facility will be liable or vicariously liable for a hospital infection. Hospitals in Eugene have powerful legal defense teams to refute liability for patient injuries and deaths, however. Going up against these teams may take hiring a lawyer of your own. A Eugene medical malpractice lawyer will know how to collect evidence and position your case in the best way possible to obtain fair compensation. Your attorney can take care of the complicated legal process on your behalf while you focus on recovering.

How Do Hospital Infections Happen?

A hospital-acquired infection (also called a nosocomial infection) can stem from negligent patient care, unsanitary premises and/or defective medical devices. A patient could develop a life-threatening infection such as sepsis, MRSA, pneumonia, or a respiratory infection through a hospital’s failure to meet health care industry standards. Using an unsanitized scalpel, for example, could lead to serious surgical infections. A patient could also develop an infection from improper postoperative care, lack of clean bandages, a nurse’s failure to wash his or her hands, a dirty hospital bed, contaminated equipment, or bacteria-saturated air.

Elements of Proof for a Hospital Infection Claim

Not all hospital-acquired infections are preventable. A patient may develop an infection even with proper care and attention by health care practitioners. If the person or hospital overseeing the patient’s care committed an act or omission of negligence that contributed to the infection, however, the entity may be liable for related damages. A medical malpractice lawsuit may force the defendant to pay for the patient’s health care costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, wrongful death, and more.

To receive compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages after a hospital infection, you or your medical malpractice lawyer will need to provide enough evidence to establish fault. This will take proof that you were a patient of the defendant’s at the time of the infection, that the defendant breached a medical duty of care owed to you, that this breach caused your infection and that you have damages as a result. An attorney from Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC may be able to help you prove your Eugene hospital infection claim using tried-and-true legal techniques.

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