Negligent Hiring in Portland Nursing Facilities

Nursing home hiring practices have come under major scrutiny since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic that took the lives of so many elderly Americans exposed major shortcomings at nursing homes throughout the US. Here in Portland, nursing homes have struggled to hire and retain qualified workers, and this often leads to negligent hiring practices in the area. If a negligently-hired employee causes harm to a loved one, speak to a Portland nursing negligence attorney today for assistance.

General Hiring Practices of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are responsible for ensuring that their staff members are qualified and capable of providing the high level of care that residents need. The hiring process typically involves several key steps:

Despite these steps, negligent hiring can still occur if a facility fails to thoroughly vet potential employees or ignores red flags in an applicant’s history.

The Importance of Proper Hiring Practices

Proper hiring practices are crucial in ensuring that nursing home residents receive adequate and safe care. Hiring qualified and compassionate staff members helps to create a positive and safe environment for residents. Some key reasons why proper hiring practices are vital include:

Potential Issues Arising from Negligent Hiring

When nursing facilities in Portland engage in negligent hiring practices, several serious issues can arise: