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Bicyclists are more prone to injuries in traffic collisions than motor vehicle occupants. Common bicyclist injuries in accidents include bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, abrasions and emotional injuries. In Washington, drivers who cause bicycle accidents may be liable for these injuries and related damages. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we help bicyclists fight for fair compensation from at-fault drivers and other parties. Find out if you are eligible for compensation today. Request a free consultation in Ridgefield at (503) 226-6361.

Why Choose Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys?

Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Ridgefield

Many bike accident victims assume they will save money by negotiating with insurance companies alone. Unfortunately, this has led to many victims accepting far less than they deserve from insurance companies. Insurance claims adjusters have one main goal: to get clients to settle for as little as possible. When you hire an attorney, you have someone on your side that wants to maximize, not minimize, your payout. Your lawyer can prevent you from accepting a lowball settlement offer for your bicycle accident injuries.

Our Ridgefield personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling everything from car accidents to medical negligence.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic for bicyclists. Even cyclists who wear helmets (it is not a requirement under state law or municipal Clark County law) can suffer serious head and brain injuries. Other injuries commonly affect the chest, ribcage, respiratory system and lower extremities – parts of the body a vehicle can strike in a bicycle collision. Our attorneys can help bicyclists with all types of accident injuries.

A common issue claimants encounter during bicycle accident lawsuits is the comparative negligence defense. This defense alleges that the bicyclist was breaking a traffic law, not paying attention, not wearing a helmet, or doing something else that contributed to the accident or his or her injuries. Washington uses a pure comparative negligence law, meaning you could be any percentage at fault and still be eligible to bring a claim. Hire a lawyer to help you minimize your degree of fault and maximize your award.

Is There a Time Limit to Bring a Claim?

Typically, insurance companies require immediate reporting of traffic collisions – within 24 to 72 hours on most policies. Act quickly in filing your insurance claim. Do not give the insurance company any reason to delay or deny your claim. You have three years from the date of your bicycle accident to file a civil lawsuit against the driver or other at-fault parties. If you fail to file within three years, the courts will generally bar you from recovering. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after a serious bicycle accident to reduce your risk of missing a crucial deadline.

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A successful claim after a bicycle accident in Ridgefield, Washington could yield important compensation for your family when you need it the most. Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC may be able to help you bring a claim to damages after a serious bicycle collision. Please contact us to learn more about your case. We offer free legal consultations near you. Call (503) 226-6361 today.